Thursday, December 10, 2009

I painted the letters for my garland yesterday. Then I went to get the glue gun...gone. Ryan was the last one with it and he swears he put it away...ummhumm. Then I went to get my big circle template to cut out the felt...gone. Ryan swears he put that away too....ummhmmm.
and oh oh oh...look at the mud that Howard keeps tracking in! The sun is out today so I'm hoping it will dry up the yard a little 'cause this is making me nuts!
and tonight I have to go to the dreaded office Christmas party for Mark. It's that kind of week. And Kellie just informed me that there are only 15 days till Christmas! Am I ready? Not even close.


Deborah said...

The letters look great! Only 15, how did I not realize that.

Robin said...

Only 15?!! I have been trapped at home with a husband sick with the flu. I told him he better pray I don't get it or there won't be a Christmas in this house.

Gloria J W said...

I prefer not to know how many days there are left to's going to be a surprise to me!!
Love the felt balls... hope you show a piccie when they're made into a garland??
Rainbow smiles... Gloria