Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Do Love A White Christmas!

I finished all the mug cozies and they are being blocked (and the cowl for my Mom, too).
and I wanted to show you the buttons I found for the cozies. They are GreenEarth buttons by La Mode. They are made of recycled plastic and are washable. I really like them for this project because they look a little like wood.
Howard woke up to snow this morning.
A LOT of snow...
I had to shovel the deck and steps so he would go out. And I had to go with him. You can't even tell that I ever shoveled.
Then, as if his day wasn't upsetting enough...we started torturing him with a photo shoot.
He's not really feeling the Christmas spirit just yet...
and unfortunately, they are calling this a blizzard and the snow is still coming down hard. It's going to snow all day and we are expecting 18 plus inches of snow. Poor Howard.
Since I can't leave my house today I'm trying to get as much of my cookie making finished as I can. My favorite kind of day. Lots of snow and lots of cookies and lots of hot chocolate. Might be the best day ever here today. :O) I hope you are enjoying your Saturday too.


Clevelandgirlie said...

OMG - lol lol lol - Howardclause! What a good sport he is. Love the cozies - so cute. And all the snow. We got a wee bit yesterday and as I type this it's snowing again -but no accumulation. It's not quite cold enough here (33-35). Hopefully we'll get a good dose once the temps go lower. It's been very precipitous - so now, we just need the cold temps January and February bring!
Enjoy your weekend.

Deborah said...

Those cozies are great! I hope Howard got a treat for being so patient. He looks like a sweet dog. Our dog Mollie is a keeschond and she just came in from trying to trudge out to the backyard with the snow up to her belly.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love those cosies. i love the snow - how lucky are you - i've just looked at the forecast for the next week and it's going to be 32C, 34C and 35C - not nice weather for baking in at all. in fact, why use an oven when you can just chuck it all outside to bake.
enjoy every moment of your snuggly goodness over there.