Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bring On The Crafting...

I'm completely in craft mode right now. I did finish the laundry and it's all folded and I MUST vacuum today because Molly's boyfriend is coming for dinner tonight, but other than that...cleaning just isn't on my list. Finishing the Christmas shopping and crafting are all that I'm willing to talk about right now. Yesterday I started making felted wool balls. I want to use them in a garland. Mark was not impressed with them. I think it was because he is at work all day and I'm home making felt balls. :O) someone has to be here doing the hard jobs - it might as well be me. Anyhoo, I'm ready for my day ... I have my bags of colorful wool roving...I have my mug of hot soapy water and my mug of cold water...and I have my bowl of coffee. I'm all ready to commence with the wool felt ball production! And guess what I JUST noticed?!!! I am brilliant once again! I used the red mug for the hot water and the blue mug for the cold!!! Impressive subconscious brilliant maneuver! Now I just need to put my bowl of coffee at a safe distance because you know how when you are in speed crafting mode mistakes happen and I wouldn't want to do any coffee dipping with the soapy wool balls.and when I'm not making fabulous felty goodness I'm still diligently knitting away on these mug cozies for gifts - unfortunately I need a lot of breaks from the knitting because of my carpal tunnel, but I'm getting them done!
And then there is the weather...This was out my kitchen window on Saturday. I love this kind of snow that sticks to everything... unfortunately it didn't last long and now we are expecting lots and lots of "wintry mix" translated to rain and ice! Just west of me is going to be all snow! I would much rather have all snow than ice and rain. Well, must get back to the crafting now...see ya!


Deborah said...

I love the colors of the felt balls. Sounds like you like cleaning about as much as I do. And since I'm hosting Christmas and having a few overnight guests I'm going to have to get into cleaning mode soon.

Levin (and Emily) said...

the snow looks gorgeous. i wish it was cold here - we are heading into some hot weather again....well, it is summer.
i love reading your blog - you make me laugh so much.
enjoy making your felted balls - i look forward to seeing them in a garland :)