Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Morning!

I hope you had a nice holiday. I loved that it was on Friday. Mark was able to be home all weekend and that was nice. We just hung out around the house Saturday and Sunday. It was a much needed rest. I feel so much better today - ready to start something new. Last night I made 10 journals. They are really easy to make and I decided to just get them all made at once. I was afraid that if I didn't the watercolor paper would get bent or damaged in some way. I still need to cut the ends of the thread, but other than that, they are all ready to go...
they are 16 pages made from one very large sheet of watercolor paper. Teesha Moore has a tutorial video on Youtube. Part 1 Here Part 2 Here. I also set up my 2010 Planner. I like to use a 5 1/2 inch x 8 1/2 inch binder. I have the month at a glance and also the week at a glance in it.
but this year I decided to add some watercolor paper pages.
On Christmas morning I made a Quiche.I used this quiche recipe. It was good, but I think next time I will cut back on the cheese. It was a little overpowering - a little too cheesy - to me, but still good. I will definitely make it again. I used a 9 1/2 inch pie plate and didn't have any problems (some people commented that they had overflow during baking.)

and we made the mistake of giving Howard his gifts first on Christmas morning!and he started jumping around with the new toys - a little scary :O) We definitely didn't think that one through!
and then he kept looking for more toys - convinced that every gift being opened must be for him! It was like having an elephant on crack in the room! :O) Happy Monday Friends.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Was It An Angel?...

I was talking to my friend about this and I thought that since it is Christmas I would tell you what happened...

Years ago I was in the hospital having just had Molly. I was being moved to a room so Mark went to get my bag from the car. Now, Mark is a very VERY straight laced, black and white, rational kind of guy. Anyway, he comes back to my room with this really strange look on his face and says "I just had the strangest thing happen. I was at the car getting your bag out and this old man walked up to me and asked if I would show him where the entrance to the hospital was. The door was straight ahead with the sign in giant letters HOSPITAL ENTRANCE, but I showed him anyway. The man puts out his hand to shake mine and as I shook his hand he said "I can see that you are a really good man." and he walked away. From the moment my hand touched his I felt like I was in the presence of something really really good. Something different-not of this world. He was REALLY good was the feeling that came over me."
Molly was born with double pneumonia and had to stay in the Nicu for 10 days. We were really scared at the time because at first we didn't know what was wrong with her. Was that her guardian angel? was it a ghost? was it just a really nice old guy who was lost in a parking lot right in front of the door? I don't know. But I'll never forget the look on Mark's face as he told me about him - and the fact that Mark - MARK - would wonder if it were an Angel...I don't know...
So I'm off to the store this morning to get the last minute food for Christmas. I haven't left my house since last Thursday so I'm hoping the roads are okay. Have a great day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Some Random Photos For You

So last night I wanted to take a photo of the finished mug cozy so you could get the full effect. I think they are pretty darn cute...and while I was taking that photo I noticed this Santa in the background. I love this Santa. He was one of my dad's toys when he was a kid. It's from the 20's/30's so it's probably made of lead and toxic, but I love it.and then I decided to take a photo out my front door. Isn't this pretty?and then out the back door...Aaaah, that's a problem! We got a lot more than 18 inches! I hope the deck doesn't collapse! And Howard took one look at this and walked away - I guess he'll just hold it until spring. :O)
Jason was sent out last night to clear the front sidewalk with the snow blower. Molly decided to go with him. There was a knock at the door...
they are such goofs. And then Molly was looking out the back door. She happens to look up. Aaaaaah, Mom did. you. see. the. snow. on the roof? I look out...
You can't really tell from this photo just how scary far that is hanging over the back door. It's a good two or three feet! I'm not really sure how to handle that. What if all the snow from the roof comes down at once like an avalanche! YIKES. But it's also really cool isn't it? Like a pretty ribbon made of snow? Now I'm afraid to open the back door...AND DON"T TELL HOWARD! I have enough trouble getting that dog out the door as it is! LOL.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Do Love A White Christmas!

I finished all the mug cozies and they are being blocked (and the cowl for my Mom, too).
and I wanted to show you the buttons I found for the cozies. They are GreenEarth buttons by La Mode. They are made of recycled plastic and are washable. I really like them for this project because they look a little like wood.
Howard woke up to snow this morning.
A LOT of snow...
I had to shovel the deck and steps so he would go out. And I had to go with him. You can't even tell that I ever shoveled.
Then, as if his day wasn't upsetting enough...we started torturing him with a photo shoot.
He's not really feeling the Christmas spirit just yet...
and unfortunately, they are calling this a blizzard and the snow is still coming down hard. It's going to snow all day and we are expecting 18 plus inches of snow. Poor Howard.
Since I can't leave my house today I'm trying to get as much of my cookie making finished as I can. My favorite kind of day. Lots of snow and lots of cookies and lots of hot chocolate. Might be the best day ever here today. :O) I hope you are enjoying your Saturday too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

My first baby is 18 today...
In our first house Jason and Molly shared a room. We had one crib on each wall and when they woke up after their naps Jason liked to be put into Molly's crib so they could play together before coming back downstairs. This was taken in December of 1993 - Molly was 9 months and Jason had just turned 2.
They grow up much too quickly.
He's turning into a man and as proud of him as I am...I want that boy with his thumb in his mouth to come back and stay forever.
Yesterday he had to register for the draft-not my favorite law. It freaked me out. We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate his birthday - He's such a sweet, funny guy - I can't believe he's 18. I really can't think about it too much because it upsets me - my time with my kids is moving along too quickly. It's making me really emotional. This 18 business has me in a funk. Yesterday I even cried over the FOLGERS coffee commercial (the new one for the holidays when the sister tells the brother that his coming home was her Christmas gift!) Any other time I wouldn't have even noticed the commercial - this week - I cry over it. I'm a bit of a mess. I hope this passes soon because I don't even want to be around myself right now. I'm depressing myself. I cant seem to stop the waterworks this week whenever I'm now. Good grief I'm a mess.
I'm off to get my hair cut and color this morning...Molly: Sheesh you are constantly getting your hair done! Me: Yep, every 6 weeks - I'm holding out for a miracle! :O)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Garland...

I have to say...I like it!
and the green hat wearing cactus...that was made in school by Ryan with papier-mache and brought home last week. We had to put it up high to keep it safe. I think it's pretty funny.

And this is a close up of the garland...
I used a felted white sweater for the front and I attached the letters with invisible thread. The back is also a felted sweater...
and today I went to the Candy supply store. I'm not going to make the cookies and candy until the end of next week, but while I was near the store I thought I had better get everything...
5 pounds of caramel - yum! and just look at all of this yummy stuff: sugar for the cookies, sprinkles for the candy, 2 pounds of crushed pecans, 1 pound of almonds, 1 pound of crispies for the candy, a few new cookie cutters, a few new candy molds, gift boxes, and the best part... 5 pounds of dark chocolate and 5 pounds of milk chocolate. That's good stuff!
I am almost finished Christmas shopping-just need to hit the liquor store for gifts and finish knitting the mug cozies and I'm done! I do have two more crafty gifts that I want to make but I'm not sure I'll have enough time. I want to hand embroider some handkerchiefs for my brother and I want to make a checkers game for Kellie...we shall see. Knitting must be finished first - and with that thought in mind I'm off to do just that - KNIT! I hope you are having a nice weekend. It's really really cold today 38 degrees right now but it's a beautiful sunny day!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I painted the letters for my garland yesterday. Then I went to get the glue gun...gone. Ryan was the last one with it and he swears he put it away...ummhumm. Then I went to get my big circle template to cut out the felt...gone. Ryan swears he put that away too....ummhmmm.
and oh oh oh...look at the mud that Howard keeps tracking in! The sun is out today so I'm hoping it will dry up the yard a little 'cause this is making me nuts!
and tonight I have to go to the dreaded office Christmas party for Mark. It's that kind of week. And Kellie just informed me that there are only 15 days till Christmas! Am I ready? Not even close.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bring On The Crafting...

I'm completely in craft mode right now. I did finish the laundry and it's all folded and I MUST vacuum today because Molly's boyfriend is coming for dinner tonight, but other than just isn't on my list. Finishing the Christmas shopping and crafting are all that I'm willing to talk about right now. Yesterday I started making felted wool balls. I want to use them in a garland. Mark was not impressed with them. I think it was because he is at work all day and I'm home making felt balls. :O) someone has to be here doing the hard jobs - it might as well be me. Anyhoo, I'm ready for my day ... I have my bags of colorful wool roving...I have my mug of hot soapy water and my mug of cold water...and I have my bowl of coffee. I'm all ready to commence with the wool felt ball production! And guess what I JUST noticed?!!! I am brilliant once again! I used the red mug for the hot water and the blue mug for the cold!!! Impressive subconscious brilliant maneuver! Now I just need to put my bowl of coffee at a safe distance because you know how when you are in speed crafting mode mistakes happen and I wouldn't want to do any coffee dipping with the soapy wool balls.and when I'm not making fabulous felty goodness I'm still diligently knitting away on these mug cozies for gifts - unfortunately I need a lot of breaks from the knitting because of my carpal tunnel, but I'm getting them done!
And then there is the weather...This was out my kitchen window on Saturday. I love this kind of snow that sticks to everything... unfortunately it didn't last long and now we are expecting lots and lots of "wintry mix" translated to rain and ice! Just west of me is going to be all snow! I would much rather have all snow than ice and rain. Well, must get back to the crafting now...see ya!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow!

I love the first snow...especially when it comes on a Saturday.
I'm just going to relax and enjoy...
Oh, I took Howard to the vet this morning and because he has been laying around even more than usual he now weighs a hefty 169 pounds! He's getting rather rotund! :O) and the doctor wants him to lay around and continue with the meds for two more weeks!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gettin' A Little Crafty This Week...

I saw this post the other day and decided to make one of my own. So I went to the craft store and bought these letters, pulled some Christmas scrapbook paper and went to didn't take long for me to realize that the scrapbook paper had some issues - like the fact that torn scrapbook paper leaves a white edge being the biggest one! It's also stiff and takes a lot of glue to become pliable.
I kept going because I was hoping that I would like them in the end. The O and L are fine because they have a lot of white in the pattern, but the N and E are bugging me.
For now I've decided not to redo them. I'm going to add some embellishment to the wide section of each letter tomorrow. I can't decide if I want to use felt and buttons or a paper embellishment on each. I'll see if I like them better after the embellishments are made. If the N and E are still and issue I'll go back and add another layer to cover the white. I'm hoping that once they are embellished and up on the wall I wont mind the white bits...we shall see. For now I'm going to watch a little television and work on knitting some Christmas gifts.