Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tryin' To Get It Done, and Oh HowwwwWord!

Sheesh! I haven't been alone in days! Between the kids having off from school last week and then Mark taking time off from work this week, I haven't had time to get near the computer to post a darn thing. I did finally finish the beading on this little quilt, got the binding on, and it's now hanging on the wall.
Last week Kellie had her sewing machine out and made a little mouse...
And I'm starting to get worried about Howard's tongue. (DARK in my house - this was taken about 8:15 am this morning!)
I've told you before how his tongue is always hanging out. Well, I've noticed lately that it's starting to look very strange...
See how dried and dark it's getting? (don't you just love those lips? They are so soft I just can't stand it!) Because I spend a considerable amount of time this close to Howard...I'm noticing how bad his tongue is starting to look on the end. Sometimes it turns a really dark purple-ish red color. And it's these darn mini dog teeth that he has clamped on his tongue all the time! How can such a huge dog have such itty bitty teeth?
This is really starting to worry me. I think he is cutting off the circulation to the tip of his tongue. This can't be a healthy thing. And the rain, wind, and mud outside from this storm coming up the east coast...out of control. Howard who we all know is afraid of ANY liquid coming from the sky hasn't gone to the bathroom in about 36 hours. I'm thinkin' that's not a good thing. If I force him out the door (bodily) he just stands there crying and shaking to come back in! Hhhh, between the tongue and the rain this dog is making me nuts!

And that darn Halloween Candy! I made sure I didn't buy any of my favorites so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat any of the extras. Apparently when faced with a bowl full of crappy candy I let my standards slip considerably. I started out my day with this...
Then when everyone had gone off to school I went with this...
I'm like one of those goofy people on some kind of kooky diet craze - Halloween candy and grapefruit - YES! Because I'm sure that that grapefruit wiped out all the bad stuff from the candy frenzy, right?

Anyway, I've decided that what I need to do today is make some yummy oatmeal cookies - because yummy oatmeal cookies with grapfruit will be just the thing. I also want to work on deciding what ornaments and other Christmas gifts to make. I really need to get working on that. So this morning in my dark gloomy house - while the cookies are baking - I'm going to drink more coffee and sketch some gift ideas. Hopefully this afternoon there will be quality taste testing of the cookies and some gift stitching action going on here. It's good to have a plan and an empty house to work in.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh NO - what did the vet say about Howard's tongue??? (but it is a cute upside down heart shape!!!)
And what the heck are those - those ain't teeth?! That is soooo funny - that a huge dog like that has those itty bitty little niblets for teeth. Gizmo's teeth are an inch and a half long (his canine incisors). Those teeth - those are laughable. He wouldn't scare a burglar with th
Enjoy your blustery day Mary. I'm still working on learning how to "cast off!"
PS That little Molly is a sweety. I'll bet she looks just like YOU - but I'd never know that becuase YOU NEVER POST PICTURES OF YOURSELF!@
PPS I've said it before - I wanna kiss those fuzzy lips!

Deborah said...

Oh, I hope Howard is ok. Your little quilt is adorable and so is the mouse!