Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh The Temptation Of Colorful Wool...

I was working on this throw again over the weekend.I'm working on it again to keep myself from making a stupid purchase! I am completely obsessed with the items this woman crochets! She makes me want to crochet! She makes me want to go spend money on wool to make stuff like this and this one - I mean really - just look at her stuff: Crochet - a set on Flickr. I was on line A LOT looking at wool to see how much it would cost ... mmm like $210...ahhh, no. That's not going to happen this close to Christmas. Especially since I know my track record with these things. The throw I'm knitting...yeah, it's been in the works for about 3 years. So am I going to spend $210 on MORE yarn....I don't think that would be such a great idea right now. But oh how I love her stuff!

So I'm going out with Cornelia today. A little fabric shopping - for her - I don't need anything right now so I'm just going to help her spend her money. I sure hope she doesn't plan to go to the yarn shop! That would not be a good thing - I must keep away from all yarn shops until this obsession with crochet passes. :O) Hope you are having a fun day and thanks for stopping by.


Clevelandgirlie said...

$210 - is that a hypothetical figure???? Can't you just buy "one or two?" Thanks for sharing her blog - love her stuff - love her "view" on life and "stuff."
There's a yarn shop by me called Yarn Birds - their yarn oh $25 a skein. Ouch. I bought two skeins once of kettle dyed yarn (purples and blues and greys) oh so pretty. I'm a "basic" crochet and knitter (k1p2) but I did invest in the "Learn to Knit" dvd and I want to knit SOCKS for my family this year. I am determined. I bought the dvd over a year ago - and still don't know how to knit socks - but THIS is the year my family is getting socks for Christmas!!!
PS have you ever thought of "spinning?" I keep eyeing those spinny things and llama hair. It's a sickness.

Deborah said...

oh, the temptations!

Robin said...

Have fun. Hope everyone is well now. I am stuck at home with my sick husband. Just a cold, but you know how they are.....he's sure it's going to turn into swine flu or pneumonia. God, why are men such babies? "Do you think I have fever?" If you have to ask, you don't have one.

Levin (and Emily) said...

she is pure evil!!! she gets in your head and next thing you know you're standing in the shop with lots of wool in your hand - handing over your credit card - all in a zombie like state. 'must crochet now, must crochet now, pretty colours, pretty colours' - arrrrgggghhhh now i've got another wip to stash somewhere - my house is bulging with them.
but seriously isn't her work gorgeous.
goodluck with the throw - we are heading into summer and my desire to knit or crochet has left me for now.