Friday, October 23, 2009

Have You Been Looking For Me?

I've been sitting here...
working on this quilt surrounded by Kleenex, cough drops, and tea. Ten day...why aren't I feeling better? Molly and Jason are back at school and feelin' fine - me...I think I'll take a shower today - woohoo!

I haven't meant to be so quiet - I just haven't had anything to say. In my Motrin/cough medication haze I have been working on the computer doing the genealogy thing. I find it very interesting - until it becomes very frustrating. It's ridiculous how many John Kelly's were born in Ireland, came to New York and married a girl named Mary. And the next family...John Welsh from Ireland who married a girl named what? oh of course ... MARY. My father's family is connected in some way to the Kelly's, Welsh's, Shay's, Sullivan's, Obrien's, and Sweeney's and there must be a gazillion of them living in Washington DC in the 1860's! And the crazy Bohemians had a name that no one could spell apparently because I can only find one record of them and it's not even complete or accurate - well, unless it's possible for my great grandmother to be 23 in 1920 with a daughter (who was born here in the US)also in her 20's. And I don't think she could have come here in 1913 from Bohemia, married my great grandfather AND given birth to that same daughter all in 7 years. And my Mom's family -- I know their names, when they came to the US from Ireland in the 1840's, where they lived, who their kids where and I still can't find any records of them. Very frustrating. Getting a bit cranky. OH! and Mark's family (who couldn't give a damn about who they are and where they came from) I've gone all the way back to 1801 and haven't hit a dead end yet! rrrrrrr, who cares about them?! :O) So, I've taken a swig of my cough medicine, I've got my Kleenex and I'm on the sofa with this here laptop ready to begin the search again. Wish me luck. Hope you have a nice weekend.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Your laptop keyboard needs to be classified as a "toxic" area!!!
the sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, fever - can't you take advantage of being sick and stay in bed and watch Lifetime movies and nap for a few days???? Take it EASY - RELEAX - get better.

Jane said...

sorry you're under the weather, it's hard to think when your head feels like cotton wool isn't it?
Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
Actuall I think it's best NOT to try and concentrate when you have flu or a bad cold.
Just rest.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm sorry you are not feeling better yet. i remember when david, emily and i all had the flu. emily was better in about 5 days and i had it for three weeks!!! i couldn't believe it. i actually got to the point where i thought i would never get better. the good news is that i did! keep that in mind ;-)
i often think it would be nice to trace the family tree and then i think - nah thats just way too hard.
goodluck with it.

Deborah said...

The block you are working on looks lovely. Genealogy is both fun and frustrating. I'm stuck on questions about a great great grandmother in the 1860s. It sounds like you accomplished quite a lot even when sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Jackie said...

Oh..get well soon. I have enough living relatives I never see so I don't go for rooting out more from the past.
Interesting though. my family ancestors name was don't find many of those!

Kris said...

Love this post!!! Sorry if I offended you with that statement. Me saying I love it when you tell us you are sick! You are such an interesting person. Genealogy, huh? Well I was a Williams (they're a dime a dozen!) and my Mum was an Antuar, which we think is a made-up name used when our ancestors fled Europe because of persecution and we don't know what they were called before! So I've not had much success with genealogy. Good luck!