Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting...

The tree is turning yellow...
The bush is turning red...
more every day...
I'm feeling better. I woke up Sunday and thought...yes, I'm definitely feeling better. Than an hour later...Kellie came to me with a fever. And so it began again. She's been home with me until today. She was happy to get back to school. She missed her friends.
I've been quilting.I've outlined everything and now I'm filling in...
Did I tell you how much I love to hand quilt? Well, I do. I can't wait to finish all the quilting on this. I'm going to do a little beading on it too. This is what the wall hanging looks like. It's from a book I bought years ago.
but I still really like it. Sorry my photos are crappy. Can't be helped this time of year - And the flash just washes everything out. I sure could use some sunshine but it's not expected any time soon around here. Anyhoo, that's what I've been doing. I hope you are having a good week.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Have You Been Looking For Me?

I've been sitting here...
working on this quilt surrounded by Kleenex, cough drops, and tea. Ten day...why aren't I feeling better? Molly and Jason are back at school and feelin' fine - me...I think I'll take a shower today - woohoo!

I haven't meant to be so quiet - I just haven't had anything to say. In my Motrin/cough medication haze I have been working on the computer doing the genealogy thing. I find it very interesting - until it becomes very frustrating. It's ridiculous how many John Kelly's were born in Ireland, came to New York and married a girl named Mary. And the next family...John Welsh from Ireland who married a girl named what? oh of course ... MARY. My father's family is connected in some way to the Kelly's, Welsh's, Shay's, Sullivan's, Obrien's, and Sweeney's and there must be a gazillion of them living in Washington DC in the 1860's! And the crazy Bohemians had a name that no one could spell apparently because I can only find one record of them and it's not even complete or accurate - well, unless it's possible for my great grandmother to be 23 in 1920 with a daughter (who was born here in the US)also in her 20's. And I don't think she could have come here in 1913 from Bohemia, married my great grandfather AND given birth to that same daughter all in 7 years. And my Mom's family -- I know their names, when they came to the US from Ireland in the 1840's, where they lived, who their kids where and I still can't find any records of them. Very frustrating. Getting a bit cranky. OH! and Mark's family (who couldn't give a damn about who they are and where they came from) I've gone all the way back to 1801 and haven't hit a dead end yet! rrrrrrr, who cares about them?! :O) So, I've taken a swig of my cough medicine, I've got my Kleenex and I'm on the sofa with this here laptop ready to begin the search again. Wish me luck. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birds and Bad Moods and Blah Blah Blah

I've been working on this little quilt. It's from a pattern for a wall hanging but I'm making it in a twin size.
They are little funky birds. I still have a lot of blocks to do, and they all need their eyes and beaks sewn on yet. I'm saving that for last because it will be tedious working so small and I'm all about mindless stitching right now.

Shazam it was chilly this morning on the bus stop! Kellie was in one of her moods so between the chilly air, my remaining flu symptoms, and her crankiness I was done in like 2 minutes. I don't do well with the negative stuff. It irks me. Last night she was telling me all about the fun she and her friends were having on the playground. This morning...I hate school. I hate music. I don't have any friends. Why do I have to go to school. It's stupid. We never go outside when it's chilly. gaaaa, enough. Do you know the commercial for the sleep medication when the woman is woken by the rooster and the line is "Are you tired of morning coming in the middle of the night?" That commercial came on this morning and Kellie said "YES!" LOL I even let her sleep in this morning and she was still cranky.

I'm waiting for Molly and Jason to wake up. If Molly is still sick she is going to have to go to the doctor. She was still running a fever last night and today is the fourth day. They said she needs to be seen if she is sick more than 3 days. Jason seems to be getting better - or at least not getting any worse. His highest temp was only 100.2. And all this stupid talk on the news about kids dying from swine flu is completely freaking Ryan out. He was like...Molly and Jason have the flu? Is it swine flu? Kids are dying from swine flu. Am I going to get the flu?

I really need to take Howard for a walk - it's been days - but I just don't feel like it. I still have a headache and cough and the thought of speed walking just isn't making me happy right now. I'm thinking he's just going to have to do some laps around the yard or something. I need to get a treadmill - would he fit on a treadmill?
I made chicken noodle soup last night so I'm looking forward to some of that at lunch time. yum. I'm thinking that if Molly is better that I'm going to hang out at home - maybe do a puzzle or something - I'm not really in the mood to leave my house today. Tomorrow is a half day for Kellie and then all the kids have off on Friday - it would be nice if Jason and Molly could go to school tomorrow and get all the work they have missed so they could use the long weekend to get caught up. Sheesh! blah, blah, blah - I'm just rambling today aren't I? Sorry. Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yep, It's Flu Season.

Friday night was the Homecoming football game at the high school - we won. Saturday night was the Homecoming dance...
And Sunday...That would be the day the flu hit our household. Good times. Molly woke up with a fever and by Monday morning Jason had it too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Marital Advice And Other Randomness

I was going to show you a few cute buttons, but I became obsessed with this green one...
How cute is this?!
and so you can see just how small these are...
And this week at the high school is spirit week. So we've had pajama day - my kids wanted to wear zippered footed pj's
very disturbing to find that they do indeed make giant zipped footed pjs - and it's hilariously funny when you see your children walk out the door to school in them! When Jason walked into class his teacher told him - that is wrong on so many levels. LOL
Then there was mathlete day...

I LOVE the calculator in her pocket! she's so funny. Then there was toga day - Jason went through several of my clean sheets before he found the perfect one - mmmm. Today is costume day and tomorrow is when they wear clothes decorated for what year of high school they are in so that the freshmen can be easily identified and tortured all day and the seniors can be obnoxious. Good times that.
And I thought I would give you a little marital advice....
When you come into the kitchen in the morning and begin your frantic clean up while ranting about the half full cups all over the counter and you begin dumping cups and putting them in the dishwasher mumbling about the laziness of family members - you might want to pay a little attention to your task so that when your husband comes into the kitchen and starts wandering around with a definite look of frustrated confusion on his face you can avoid this conversation...
Me: hhhh, what are you looking for?
Dearest Love: rrrrr, MY COFFEE! I just poured it and can't find it!
Me: oopsie! LOL aaaah, it would appear that your super fabulously efficient wife dumped it! LOL
Not the best way to start the day. :O)

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Few More Pendants...

Every free second this week I have been working on pendants. I love how these feel. I'm using my hand dyed velvet for the front and a cotton print fabric for the back. They have cotton quilt batting inside - like mini quilts. I also love vintage buttons, so each one has at least one button on it along with wool felt, felted wool, sequins, and beads. They are all trimmed with size 13 charlottes and hung on a satin cord necklace. I'm thinking of listing them on etsy next week.
I really love this yellow button with the white dots...such a cute button.
I've been having a lot of fun going through my buttons for this project. I just had to show you this card of buttons that I purchased. I love love love how this woman displayed them! I think the purchase had more to do with the display than the buttons themselves. It's so pretty I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to use any of them! :O)Monday was a holiday from school so Mark took the day off too. We decided to go apple picking with the kids at a local farm. After picking apples, we were walking back to the barn and I said "do you guys want a pork roast or pork chops for dinner?" Kellie said "OH! Are we going to pick pork chops now? - wait, what are pork chops again?" LOL! God I love kids! I did make some home made apple sauce to have with our (hand picked :O) ) pork roast and it tasted fine, but it had the texture of wallpaper paste! LOL I think I should have added more water during the cooking.
Today I'm off to the mall to do some exchanges and meet a friend for lunch. Have a great weekend!