Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Things I've Learned Today

First, in a previous life I must have been Lady Something because it's quite clear that I was not meant for manual labor.

Second, I hate wallpaper! Back in 1996 I went on a wallpaper frenzy and put up borders in every room of my house. I used Laura Ashley paper. My mother warned me back then that "this is real paper Mar, it's not prepasted - hard to put up and harder to come down." Did I listen ... Noooooo. So up it went. A few years ago I removed all the borders on my first floor (living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, and powder room). I know exactly how hard it is to get this paper back off which is why it has taken until today for me to tackle the bedrooms. Poor Ryan, he's 12 with baby paper in his roomAnd Jason who will be 18 in three months still has jets and stripes to live with (and it IS the prepasted kind so I really have no excuse for why I haven't taken this down yet!)And Molly and Kellie are still looking at pink walls with ballerinasI decided to do my paper first since my room didn't have toys and junk to move.Ugh. This paper is taking the paint right off the wall with the paper. Apparently I used some seriously heavy duty paste! In some places CHUNKS of drywall are coming off too!
This happened in the living room and dining room too, but not as bad. I'm making a really nice mess in my room.And I realize that I'm going to have to clean it all up! And I'm going to have to Spackle and sand all of the walls before I can paint. I will be so happy when all the rooms on this floor are finished. I'm just trying to stay focused on the end result, because I hate this part of it. I actually love painting - it's the prep I don't like. I also have to paint my foyer, hall, stairwell, and upstairs hall. I bought the paint yesterday but I'm waiting for this weekend because I don't think it would be such a great idea to get up on that ladder in the stairwell to cut in with no one home. What if I fell - It could be quite awhile before anyone came home to rescue me! With them home they would at least notice when they wanted something to eat that I wasn't responding. They would have to step over my body to get to their rooms right? I hope you are having more fun today than I am.


Jane said...

It's amazing how wallpaper styles can look 'dated' isn't it?
I believe wallpaper is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the very carefull, what you put up today can be dated by next month!
And it's the vibrant and large patterns that are 'in' too.

Kris said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day! (You know, that you don't fall off a ladder and be rendered unconscious and have to lay there until some hungry person trips over you on their way to bed, that kind of better day!) I love painting too. Just not the prep part. (We really are twins separated at birth!) Have fun!

clare's craftroom said...

Arrrgggg wallpaper ! You're right they would shake you a bit on the floor asking for food before they realised you were in trouble , lol !

Jackie said...

We did all that with the Laura ashley in our old house then moved. Ha!
I was sad to leave but they have the problems now.

Anonymous said...


tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.