Friday, September 11, 2009

Such A Brave Dog

I know, you don't want to hear any more about the dog! but I can't help it. I took Howard to the vet today because he has a red lump on his neck that I needed to have checked (has nothing to do with the ground hog). Unfortunately it was raining...really sideways end of the world raining. And did I mention that Howard is afraid of rain? It's just one of his many many phobias. So there I was in the pouring rain trying to pull Howard - Howard the 156.3 pound dog - out of the truck. Apparently I was quite entertaining because after about 5 minutes of battle one of the receptionists came out to laugh at me and to give me an umbrella. I appreciated the offer of an umbrella, but honestly, I looked like I had gone for a swim so it really was useless at that point. I didn't know she was coming to help until I heard someone behind me yell "HOWARD! Is that you you stupid dog? LOL So we decided that if she opened the other door and pushed while I pulled we might just get him out of the truck. Three pushes and he gave in. Lots of cheers for Howard. How can a dog who is afraid of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G be brave enough to attack a ground hog?! Boggles the mind. He has quite a reputation at the vet. They love him because he is so big, so sweet, and so stupid. He's like a celebrity at that office. He left the office in a hurry - raining or not he wanted out of there - but back at home in our driveway he struggled to overcome his fear again. Finally deciding that getting wet was worth it to get back to his big comfy couch. So, lesson learned - don't force Howard to go out in the rain unless you want to get very very wet.

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Jackie said...

Oh dear..I am disappointed in Howard for his murderous tendencies but he doesn't know any better.
How can you be cross for long when he is afraid of rain?