Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Brad Maker Thingy...

Have you seen this new gadget? It's for making your own brads. It has a paper punch for making custom paper brads
They come in three sizes
and I saw these stencils that I'm going to use to make brads with fabric (also in the three sizes) I hope it works (maybe some iron on stabilizer would help)
I love brads - I'm excited about this thing - I hope this works well.

I finished the cushions ... happy happy dance! So now I can move on to other things.
I went to Back to School night for Kellie and on each child's locker was a list of their goals for the year. Kellie's list included this goal:
To Not Get Angry When Someone Wakes Me Up For School In The Morning.

LOL! I guess that Someone would be me. I told you she isn't a morning person. She is the crankiest kid I've ever known. Sunday is Kellie's 9th birthday. I ordered her gifts last week and they aren't here yet!!! eeek. I hope they come Friday! If not, I guess I'll have to run to the store on Saturday and get her a mini gift to hold her over until they come - but I would suffer huge guilt over that.
And speaking of guilt....
Howard doesn't seem to be suffering any guilt from the recent murder. (taken with Iphone so not the best quality photos)

I wish I could be this relaxed!

I am going to have a good day Friday - it's the Pennsylvania quilt show and I'm going with my friends Cornelia and Lynn. That should be a lot of fun - really looking forward to it. Have a great weekend! Lets all channel Howard this weekend and really relax and let it all hang out. :O)

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Deborah said...

Enjoyed your post and love the photos of Howard. Looking forward to hearing about the Pennsylvania quilt show.