Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mmm, dating and brothers...God help us.

Hi friends. I know I've kind of fallen off the blog radar lately. I didn't think you wanted to see more photos of drywall/wallpaper destruction. I've completely destroyed my bedroom. This is going to be a long term project since I have 4 bedrooms to do.

Jason is not doing well with the Molly and the boyfriend situation. Last night was movie night (an early movie night since it was a school night). Molly, Jason, boyfriend, and another friend all watched a movie. 9PM Molly was walking boyfriend out.
Jason comes in - "what time is it?"
Me: around 9.
Jason: watch! I swear it will be 10 minutes before she comes back in!
Me: lol, Jason, the windows are open I can hear her out there talking and laughing - it's fine.
Jason: It will be 10 minutes! You watch! I'm telling you last time it was 10 MINUTES!
Me: lol, why are you timing your sister? Leave her alone. It's fine.
Jason: IT'S FREAKING ME OUT! Sometimes at work I'll be like - uuuuuuugh. just thinking about them dating.
Jason: I'm serious! They were sitting on the sofa watching the movie and Molly had her HEAD ON HIS SHOULDER!! AND THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS FOR GODS SAKE!
Then he opens the front door and says MOLLY! I'm pretty sure Goodbye has been covered by now!
ME: on the floor peeing my pants! LOL It is so funny the way he is acting. I can't keep a straight face through his rants! My god its funny. And Molly is completely clueless! LOL I finally said to her last night - please don't upset Jason. He can't take much more. That of course made her laugh. God help him if he ever sees boyfriend kiss her! He may have a seizure! Apparently keeping it clean for Jason means a sofa cushion between them and a wave goodbye at the door. LOL.

Today is laundry day for me and I have about 8 loads to do so I've decided to watch movies, stitch, and fold laundry all day. Not very exciting I'm afraid, but hopefully I'll get something finished worth showing.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i did masses of laundry today too - it was a beautiful warm day - perfect for drying all the bedlinen and towels!
how funny that your son has turned into the 'dad' of dating!