Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making Some Jewelry This Week...

This has been another crazy week! I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Jason and Molly are 16 months apart and I thought when they were little I was busy - sheeesh! It's craziness now. With all of the driving around picking up and dropping off I've used it as an excuse not to go near my bedroom walls (I don't want to move furniture and then have to leave before I have time to do anything - you know what I mean?) Instead I've been beading. I made this brooch...I used a vintage button that I love. It's a small brooch (1 3/4 inches) which is a very good thing because it's a little Elizabeth Taylor if you know what I mean. I do like the crystals around the edge.
and I think it looks pretty good on denim.
This other one is giving me some trouble. It's a pendant, but those little dark blue beads aren't true size 11's so they are throwing things off a bit.
I love the center though, it's a shell.
I'm going to work on it some more this morning. I am also going to try to get some other pendants finished. We'll see. I'm running like a nut again today.

The quilt show was really fun. I bought a little bit of fabric, but what I really loved was the booth with the hand dyed felted wool - my favorite thing - I really won't use any other kind of felt - it's just not as fabulous. I bought some scrumptious brights...
unfortunately, I lost her business card. dang. I don't think Cornelia bought anything from her, but I'm pretty sure she took a card - crossing my fingers on that.
Oh! And Kellie's birthday gifts arrived Friday - just in time for her birthday on Sunday! Sheesh, I was sweating that one! I'm glad it worked out. I can't believe she's 9! NINE! hhhh, I know - I say the same thing every time one of the kids has a birthday. It just boggles my mind.

I'm so ready for fall. I'm ready for leaves to turn, apples and pumpkins, and Halloween but it's 82 degrees again today!!!! Enough already!


Deborah said...

love the brooches. beading and quilting go together nicely, i think. i also enjoy doing both. i agree with you about the weather. i kept thinking all day that today is not like fall, and my husband came home and said the same thing.

beki said...

Oh wow, your beading is gorgeous!!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love that blue and green pendant - the colours are so beautiful.

hope autumn comes your way soon. we are in the midst of spring but we've had some ghastly winter weather. it's kind of fun, but i'm ready for a little warmth now.


Anonymous said...