Friday, August 28, 2009

You Know You're Old When

A new family arrives on the bus stop (luckily it's my driveway so I don't have far to go) with their son who is starting kindergarten today. They are young and nervous about putting their 5 year old boy on a school bus. They are also new to the neighborhood and the grandmother will be doing the bus stop duty and she's polish and can't speak a word of english. Anyway, they ask me if Kellie is my only child. And then during the conversation I realize that this starts my 14 th year on the bus stop! FOURTEEN YEARS of Elementary School! Geeez I'm old! I was pretty sure that this was only yesterday...

Look how tiny Jason is getting off of the bus after his first day...

Wasn't that only yesterday? Apparently not, because these came in the mail.This makes me very sad. He has grown into such a great guy. Remember the drama about the friends dating sisters? Well, the problem is that Jason and Molly have a lot of the same friends. So this guy that they have been friends with for two years is now Molly's boyfriend. Jason said it would be okay as long as they kept it clean. And luckily he is still willing to hang around the group even with Molly and the boyfriend. Which is really nice for me because it's a built in chaperon! But yesterday Jason was in class with the boyfriend and this other kid says to boyfriend "hey, don't you have a girlfriend now?"

Boyfriend: "aaah, yeah."

Kid: "who?"

Boyfriend: "ask Jason."

Jason: "mmmmyyyyyy sister!"

LOL. Poor Jason. I was really worried though because Jason and Molly are really really close and I was afraid that Jason wouldn't want to do things with her anymore but I worried for nothing. And luckily Jason is still friends with the boyfriend. So, it's all good.

I must say that I was much happier before boyfriend. I trust Molly, but eeeeek...boyfriends! I'll never be ready for that. I of course gave her the talk for the billionth time. I believe in blunt and to the point. Luckily I don't have a problem discussing ANY topic with my kids. I really don't know why, but I don't get embarrassed at all. Thank God! I think it's because my mother was sooooo uptight about everything - I always felt that she was completely clueless. I don't want my kids to feel that way about me. Not getting embarrassed makes communication much easier and I think my blunt/direct answers make them more relaxed. I don't think there is a single topic that I haven't talked to Molly about. She knows exactly what I expect of her and what she should expect of herself. So I'm entering into a new chapter - dating. Can I hide? hhh, I didn't think so. Have a great weekend friends. It's rainy here. ick.


Kris said...

Boyfriends now huh? Well I have "in-laws", so I must be really old. (I hit 45 this year) It's a difficult time I think.

Clevelandgirlie said...

What a looker this guy is. Haaandsome! And what a fabulous mom you are Mary. God has blessed you and your kids - you have "eachother!"
Dating - son's thinking about marriage and kids soon, daughter (14) not quite there yet -but certainly thinking about it alot!