Thursday, August 13, 2009

Need To Finish These Too!

I really haven't had anything to talk about! shocking, but true. I've been hanging out with the kids and not working on anything crafty. Two weeks from today they go back to school. This summer went so fast.

I've decided to clean out my sewing stuff - again. I have a lot of fabric that I need to clear out. I've decided to cut a bunch of 6" or maybe even 8" squares and make some scrap quilts. That should clear out a lot of it. I pulled this box out, too. It's my oldest UFO box. Yes, I have more than one of these boxes (unfortunately).
This quilt is in there. It's the very first applique quilt I ever made. (1990)
It's all marked for quilting and basted
but it has this really awful poly batting in it...ick! I want to unbaste and switch the batting for cotton but I know if I do that I'll never get it finished. I don't even like it anymore but it's so close to being finished that I hate to not finish it.
I also found these blocks. This was the second applique quilt. It's the four seasons. The border for the quilt is a vine of all the leaves, buds, acorns, berries, etc used in the blocks.
The above block will have a lot more of those berries and a red bow.
The summer block below of strawberries will have four white flowers
and I have the entire border to do yet. eek.
I also found Molly's baby quilt. It's the perfect size for a crib. This will be very useful now that she's 16! :O) Very timely on this one.
I like these butterflies. This was one of my many over kill quilts. First appliqued and then blanket stitch on every one of the butterflies.
That's why everything I make takes so long! I sew everything by hand. I only use my machine to assemble the blocks, border, and binding. I love handwork, but sheesh - it takes forever to finish things.
We are getting ready to leave for the beach again on Sunday. One last vacation before school starts. We will be gone from the 16th until the 21st. I hope the weather is nice for us. August is usually too hot and stormy, but we are going to keep our fingers crossed. I was looking for something portable to take with me so I think I'll take some of the small UFO's from the box to work on. Happy Thursday.


Indigo Blue said...

Thank for visiting my blog. I have to say that I really like the 1990 quilt and if it is stitched by hand I take my hat off to you as it looks so neat! That is some UFO box too, but I feel that with our hobby/craft having a UFO box is better than throwing it away. I go back to school on 2nd September ( I am a Textiles Teacher) and I so much more I want to try and fit in as well as lesson planning! Have a good holiday.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow Mary - you even applique like a pro. Wonderful butterflies, berries, leaves, Baltimore-style stuff too. YOU are amazing. I wish we were neighbors so you could "teach" me your skills.
Get that stuff out and dusted off - applique is great "cold weather" work. Have you been on the Harley??

Levin (and Emily) said...

I suggest you put Molly's baby quilt in a deep dark closet and leave it until Molly has her first baby - then you can finish it off and it will have the added bonus of being 'retro'.
I don't have as many ufo's as you but lets face it, i've only just started quilting ;-)
enjoy your holiday

Jackie said...

I look forward to the results! I have loads of UFOs . I won't be finishing them.

Lesley's Creations said...

Hi Mary. Just had to let you know, my give away parcel arrived!!!!!! Yer!! The oil pastels are fabulous and I can't wait to get started with them. And WOW, what a wonderful gift, a beautiful, fabulous (to be treasured) heart. I loooooove the fabric and the beadwork is gorgeous so beautifully made. I I have had a big smile on my face all day and I keep popping back to see my presents. I will post about them all soon. We are decorating at the mo', so need to get back to some normality first. Hope you are all well, Howard too. Hugs Lesley. xx

Lesley's Creations said...

Ps. I'm off to have a gentle read through you blog now! Take care. Bye for now, hugs lesley. xx