Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye Unwanted Friend...

Happy Dance ... Happy Dance! A mouse had moved into my basement two weeks ago (well, I found out about him two weeks ago - lets not think about how long he may have been here before that okay). Anyway, two weeks of being freaked out...talking in code so Kellie wouldn't catch on...two weeks of being afraid to go in my sewing area or the utility room to do laundry. We started out with the humane traps - worthless. I quickly decided that it was him or me and I like me a lot more so back to the store for the real deal - the chop the head off quickly deal! Luckily I have two boys who loved the idea of hunting in the basement. Who doesn't love a little gore right? :O) So Jason set the traps - darn near chopping off his finger a few times in the process. And then each day I would send them down to check the traps. I thought it was hopeless when some of the peanut butter was eaten but the trap hadn't gone off. This morning I had more laundry to do...Jason ran down to check and hurray hurray! One really dead mouse next to the washer! Sorry, no picture to show you - LOL. I feel so much better - but then I decided that just to be sure we should set up a new trap just in case he had friends. I hope he didn't have friends.

And while I'm on the subject of boys...Ryan has swimmers ear and I overheard him on the phone with his friend..."Hey dude! Listen, I'm calling in sick today because I have an ear infection. I can play tomorrow." LOL! I swear that kid cracks me up! I didn't know you had to call in sick when you can't play. :O)

And I was seriously considering calling in the dog whisperer - After Howard slipped on the kitchen floor a few times (because he was trying to attack one of the other animals in this house) he decided that he was afraid of the kitchen floor and refused to step into the kitchen. He just stood there on the rug shaking. VERY frustrating. The begging, pleading, pep talk went on on and off for about 3 hours and then I pulled out the big gun - Cheese Curls - that did the trick. Can't blame him - who can resist a cheese curl?! He was fine after that - until the next morning when it started all over again. ghaaaa, that neurotic dog! It went on for three days but seems to be over now.


Kris said...

Umm, you not only murdered a poor defenseless little mouse but you also wish him friendless? Lol! You are mean! (Don't they always have friends?)

Jane said...

mm......hate to do this to you but I can better that.
When we moved into this house e had !!27!! mice, yes I kid you not.
I think the family before must have had a cat and you know how cats like to bring in little present for you :)
Well one must have gotten free and was probably a female and well you can guess the rest.
We used humane traps and it eventually worked.
My partner used to let them out in the field at the end of the road.
Of course it could always have been the same mouse coming back 26 times :)

The little blighters ate the Christmas stollen I was saving too!

Clevelandgirlie said...

lol I was going to suggest ice cream - but cheese curls work!

Levin (and Emily) said...

your howard and my georgie could vie for the most neurotic! georgie is our cat and at one stage, after we moved house, she wouldn't go outside to go to the toilet unless david went with her. it was the funniest sight!
hope the mice stay away

maggik1 said...

Yikes! That's really scary. Only happened to me once - once was enough. Keep that trap there - just in case? The only thing I've uncovered so far in the building work is a VERY large spider. Hope it's taken itself off!