Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye Children...Have Fun!

Aaaaah, the quiet. I love the first day of school. That last bus picks up Kellie and I come inside and aaaaahhhhh - silence. I know I'll miss the noise of children but not today. Today it's bliss. I spent the last two days running around like a nut trying to get all of the last minute supplies and some new shorts for Ryan since he makes rags out of his clothing.

I've also been working on some little quilts. This one is my version of Howard. (He has always reminded me of Ferdinand (remember that book? It was one of Jason's favorites). We have a huge bush in our backyard and he likes to stand under it and sniff the leaves.
I'm also going to do him more realistically, maybe with punchneedle embroidery. I would also like to do him in an Andy Warhol kind of nine patch quilt using this photo.
And I'm still stitching stitching stitching this one.
I changed the top of the trees. I didn't like the first version. They looked like palm trees so I pulled all of that off and did a new version. And I've stitched this background twice too. I didn't like the pattern I was using originally for the stitching so I pulled it all out and started again. Nice waste of thread that was...rrrrr.

Now I'm going to refill my mug for the 4th time and take my stitching to the rocker on the porch and have a little me time while the temperature is nice then I'll tackle the mess around me. Have a happy day friends.


Robin said...

Enjoy your day.

Jackie said...

I can't wait to see Howard in Andy Warhol style.