Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitting and The Proper Way To Eat M & M's and other stuff...

I have not touched knitting needles or the spinning wheel in over a year - not since the court reporting class killed my arms. Yesterday I spent the entire day on my butt in a lounge chair under a tree reading a book on my Kindle and drinking Mojitos. Great day yesterday, but now today - my house is a mess. While I was cleaning up my living room I came across this wool and thought - hmm, this would make a cute scarf and gloves or mittens to use while on the Harley this fall - my jacket is black and orange.

I spun this a few years ago and I can't find the tiny piece of paper that I wrote the yardage on so I have no idea how much yarn I have to work with, but I'm hoping it's enough. I'm going to make the gloves/mittens first and that way I can always make a shorter scarf, right?
and while I was cleaning up the living room I was eating candy - because I'm a sugar junkie - and yes, I know it's bad for me - and yes, I don't give a damn! :O) So I thought I would tell you the proper way to eat M & M's and my other favorites.
First you grab a handful of M & M's...
and you sort them buy color and quantity...
then you eat them from right to left and ugly colors first...
until you end with the best color left...
Yes, this is how I eat M & M's - always - and if you really want to be happy - you eat the M & M's frozen with pretzels and a coke. mmmm.
Then there are the gum drops (aka spice drops). These must be eaten in groups of 6, never 7 or 8 - groups of 6 - so that you have one of each color.
and then you must sort them so that you eat the yucky flavors first.
I know - you're thinking why not just eat the flavors you like - can't...must eat one of each color. I'm a little OCD when it comes to candy :O).
And when eating Rolos - hhhh, just try not to eat the entire bag while driving home from the grocery store! Trust me - you will not feel very happy when you are at the light and realize you've eaten them all - and then like an hour later - you never want to see a Rolo again as long as you live (or at least until the next time you go to the grocery store)
Happy candy eating! Now that you know the proper way you will see how much more enjoyable it is! :O)


Clevelandgirlie said...

OMG lol lol lol lol !!!! lol lol lol drool, lol lol lol lol drool more, lol. You are SOOOO FUNNY! "Must be eaten in groups of 6 - never 7 or 8..." lol :)
and the photographs - oh the photographs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE M&Ms and now I'm sad because I don't have any. Oh and Rolos - YUMMMMMMM. I do believe we are kindred spirits. Mojito and Kindle - well make a cathie sandwich and put me in the middle!
I knew I was going to love this post. Hey - I was thinking of you this morning as I was blow drying my hair... do you want to think about hooking up for a girl's weekend at the Hampton Roads show? We can share a room - bring lots of candy and have a great time? E-mail me.
off to have dinner.
PS - how many candies did Howard obscond with? Don't you love it when dogs eat gummies and it sticks to their teeth - you know, that thing they do with their lips and tongue??

Jackie said...

call green the ugly colour..well, flavour. The drops we used to called jujubes. And rolos come in a ...roll..don't they?

Jackie said...

That should say 'I call green...'
My first letters keep disappearing.