Friday, July 10, 2009

And The Winner Is...

So the giveaway goes to lesley's creations! Email me your address Lesley so I can get these in the mail to you. You will love them. I can't believe how many people read the post but didn't leave a comment! crazy! These pastels are awesome! You can paint on anything with them - even wood! I love how easy they are to use on fabric. Just color and heat set with an iron! Love them.

We've been very crafty around here the last few days. I decided to make another ATC. I used white Kona cotton. Drew the bird in permanent marker. Painted the bird with the oil pastels and the background with acrylic paints. Then I embroidered and beaded. The birds eye is a crystal.and the girls (Molly, her friend Jen, and Kellie) decided to splatter paint some T-shirts. First they taped their design onto the shirt with masking tape. Then using big, long handled paintbrushes and fabric paint to flick the paint onto the shirts.They left them out in the grass for a little while
and then they peeled off the tape.
and left them to finish drying.
We have beautifully funky T-shirts AND beautifully funky grass!
Have a great weekend!The count down has begun --- one week from today we leave for the beach! Ha.La.Loo.Ya - Definitely counting the days!


Jane said...

well it looks like you all had fun!
Congrats to thr winner, lucky gal.

randi said...

I love those little beaded projects you make! Too cute!

The t-shirt idea is great too!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Look at those smiles - these shirts are adorable. Gotta try this the next time Sabrina gets bored. Love 'em.

Artisan Clay said...

Wow! This is so fun! I wish our T-shirt making day was in the summer! Thanks for sharing!