Friday, June 5, 2009

Someone's In BIG Trouble!

I placed an order with Jerry's Artarama a few days ago. It came today. Inside the box were these markers...I don't remember ordering these??? So I look at my order form. The little clippy things I ordered for $3.99 weren't in the box and these markers aren't listed anywhere on the packing slip or on my order form. Hmmmm, are they a free thing because the clippy things are out of stock (not likely, but maybe) so I go on line to see if they are having a promotion - you know, spend this much money and get these free kind of thing. Although I didn't spend much at all with this order so, yeah - not really worthy of a free gift. I didn't see any offers like that online. Okay, just how much are these markers....$99.99!!!! OMG! someone must have grabbed these instead of my $3.99 clippy things! So being the good girl who doesn't want to burn in hell, I called the company to let them know -- I only got their voicemail so I'll have to let you know what they say. Maybe they'll say - you are soooo nice you can keep them! yeah, right. :O)


Clevelandgirlie said...

Okay - even FATE spoils you. You are the most spoiled girl in the world. Kindle, embellisher, Neocolors, that bead collection, that computer drawing thingy, a spa, a Harley. My gosh woman - have you ever thought of how spoiled you truly ARE??? Hmmmm???
Those markers are amazing. I'll bet you can use those on fabric if you heat set them. Sabrina has a set ($299) from Jerry's Artarama (we have a Jerry's right down the street - lucky us) of Prismacolor markers and because they are "artist" markers, you can heat set them. They are so cool. I'll be those you can too.
Hey - have you hit the Harley Clothing department at the Harley store yet? I have a bunch of Harley clothes - but let me tell you - I lose ten more pounds (I think I've lost 10 already, I'll know for sure next Saturday when I weigh in) I'm going to hit it and hit it hard! Love their motorclothes.
Enjoy the day, enjoy the weekend - give Howard a kiss for me.

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - $100 markers - that's not something you should be mixing up with $3.99 clippy things.
I'm honest like you. I once paid with a $20 note and got change from $100. I had to tell the poor boy - and he was grateful - very, very grateful.
hope you get to keep them ;)