Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Call Me Bunny...

Funny weekend. Mark has been wanting a Harley Davidson motorcycle for a long long time. He had a motorcycle when I met him but he sold it right before we got married. So for the last few weeks we have been looking at them, talking about it, etc. So this past weekend was beautiful! It made me miss my Jeep...It was Candy Apple Red and it was the very first car I had ever purchased on my own. I was 19 years old and I loved that Jeep. It was the last year they made the CJ7. Oh how I loved that car!

Anyway, back to this past weekend. We were out running errands and Mark and I decided to just go for it and get one. Now picture it...Saturday afternoon, beautiful day, pulling into the Harley Davidson lot, a gazillion bikers with their bikes EVERYWHERE!!! And here we come. Bunny and Biff to buy a bike! LOL We weren't planning to drive it home just yet, we were going to pick one out and then Mark was going to come back to sign all the paper work because we had to get home to pick up Jason and Molly from work. So we get out of the in a bright pink golf skirt with white sleeveless polo golf top that has a pink and a green stripe on the collar and around the arms. yeah. And Mark, well, he's in plaid shorts and a polo! LOL!!! Yeah, we were Bunny and Biff. :O) So as we walk into the store, passing crazy biker men with their scary biker chicks we were a tad nervous. Luckily BJ the amazingly nice salesman sees us and says "HEY GUYS! ARE YOU BACK TO PICK OUT A BIKE?" so at that point we were no longer the super geeks - we have connections here people - Biker BJ likes us! We pick a bike...
Since that photo is so crappy, this is the bike we bought Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Later that evening, after Mark came home with the bike, we are out for a little drive.
Mark: Let's swing in your Mom and Dad's and show them the bike.
Me: ahhh, they'll probably say something stupid and piss us off. Are you sure you want to see them today?
Mark: Yeah, they'll like it.
Me: mmmm.
We pull up at my parents Condo. I run up to see if they want to come out and see it.
Me: Hi Mom. Mark and I bought a motorcycle and we thought you might want to see it.
Mom: You bought a motorcycle? (it the - what are you some kind of idiot - voice that we all love so much)
Me: Yep. You don't have to come out and see it if you don't want to, we were just our riding around and thought we would swing by.
Mom: Is that why your dressed in that kind of outfit? (yet again in the voice)
Me: Yep.
This would be my crazy biker outfit...

Wild biker boots...
my Wild biker jean jacket (that I got from Macy's last year - because I'm sorry, but it was chilly on that bike going 55 mph!) with my Wild biker pin on it... and I was wearing my Wild biker plain green t-shirt. Then they come outside and say to Mark "what are you going to get tattoos now?" I just grinned at him like ... told ya so.
So this week I am making two little curtains to hang on the french doors in my sewing area. I bought two magnetic curtain rods and I'm going to whip up some little valances to go on them. I decided to make them kind of funky so I'm going to piece the background in black and white fabrics and then I'm going to applique bright flowers and leaves over it. And I'm thinking about maybe adding white pompom trim across the bottom. So we'll see how far I get. It's not going as planned yet. Mark called me this morning because he forgot his wallet so I had to take it to him (that killed an hour) then I had to run to the store, Kellie got home from school at 1:15 and Molly has PT today. It's been like that around here lately and with school finishing next Friday (6/12), things are a little nutty. So Happy Monday - We'll see how far I can get with these curtains.


Kris said...

I looooove your wild biker pin. How cute is that!

I'm kind of like your mother here. I do get that people other than those in bikie gangs ride bikes, but I do think they are death traps. So, my 22 year old is learning to ride a bike at the moment. Here in South Australia you have to do a 3 part riding course to get your learner's permit which, hopefully, makes you a little safer!

Hope your week works out well Bunny! (Curtain making - definitely a "Bunny" pursuit I think!)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey Bunny. Love that little red jeep. I have the top totally off mine - have had it off for over a month now. It looks like a little mini hummer!

Now about that bike - yipeeeeeee! Good for you. We are going to a HOG meeting tonight. What is a HOG meeting???? Well, now that you are official owners, you should now that HOG represents, "Harley Owners Group" - it is a local chapter that meets once a month and plans out the calendar for coming months of rides, trips, charity events, social events, etc. Now that you're a biker chic, you gotta know these things.
You guys are gonna love it. We're just getting ready to ride from Pennsylvania up to Maine, meandering through the mountains, and over to New England. I can't wait.
Have fun and be SAFE.

Robin said...

I will not give you my "motorcycles are dangerous" lecture....I will not give you my "motorcycles are dangerous" lecture....