Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi Friends.

Sheesh. I have been swallowed whole by life right now. Three more days and this crazy schedule will be finished! No more drivers ed. No more Physical Therapy. I can't wait, because around those two things Molly and Jason keep making plans with their friends and since everyone's mom seems to work - guess who does all the driving?! yeah. So I'm looking forward to not being in my car all day and night!

I wanted to tell you something kind of funny. You know how Ryan is "my one" who tries my mothering skills to the max - well, his two best friends are not two boys I would choose, but you know how that goes. So anyway, I walk in the kitchen yesterday and there is Ryan watching a YouTube video on How To Make Fireworks At Home. LOL. So of course knowing this boys track record I said "DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT MR!" LOL. Oh, I hope I survive raising this boy. :O)

Have a great day friends.

*** Update: He just asked "hey Mom, what do you think would happen if I put a battery in the microwave?" Me: I think you would have a very short life. LOL - God help me! LOL

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Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Mary! lol lol lol - fireworks at home. THIS is just the begining dear friend. I've raised my boy to 21 -- this IS ONLY the begining!!! XO