Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Hi friends. Well, the good news...I got my laptop back - hooray! The bad news...a stomach virus has hit my house with a vengeance. Ryan was sick Sunday and Monday. I took him to the doctor and he has strep. Kellie got sick Monday afternoon but has been fine ever since. Jason's been queasy since Tuesday night - no other symptoms - I'm not sure if he has strep or just a mild stomach virus. I'm waiting for him to get up to see if he needs to go to the doctor or not. I'll call the doctor if he's still feeling sick today. And then there is me...I got up not feeling well yesterday but I thought it was PMS it soon became very clear that it was not PMS! I can't get two steps from the sofa. This is not fun. I have a hair appointment at 12:45 today - I guess I'll be cancelling that. I think I can get Molly and her friend to Drivers Ed, but there is no way I can sit through PT with Molly. I'll have to reschedule that. I hate stomach viruses! I don't like being trapped on a sofa.

I was in my sewing room the other day with a few hours to play and I couldn't think of anything to make!!! I have so many things I want to try but then when I got in there I couldn't get focused on anything. I pulled a bunch of fabric but couldn't make it work. Then I pulled a bunch of paints, glitter, stamps, embossing powders, etc to decorate some fabric and ended up putting it all back with nothing to show for it. I hate days like that. I think it's because I haven't had any time to make anything recently so when I do grab a few hours I put myself under pressure and then that works against me.

So yet another week with nothing fun to show for it. I'm hoping that once we get in a summer routine (especially after next week when Molly will be finished with Drivers Ed and Physical Therapy) that things will settle down around here and I'll be able to get in more sewing. I did pull some pretty fabric to make a pin cushion yesterday before it became very clear that I would not be able to be in a sitting position or longer than three seconds so I'm looking forward to feeling better so that I can make it. I was really hoping that that would be today - so far - no.


Kris said...

Hope you feel better soon Mary! We have been kept busy with moving so I haven't been able to blog visit. So nice to be back!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Awwwwwww - so sorry you (and your chickens) are not well. Do take care and get that husband of yours to baby you a bit. And WHATEVER YOU DO - don't give that virus to HOWARD - or you're really gonna have some problems!
Get well and create soon.

Jane said...

Hope today finds you on the mend and your little ones too.
Days when nothing comes to head or hands is hell, isn't it but it was probably the bug you've had either building up or just working it's way out of your system, you'll be back on track soon!

randi said...

No fun! I do hope that you are all feeling better soon!

Levin (and Emily) said...

thinking of you lots - there's nothing worse than being sick - especially when all around you is sick too.
rest up and take care.