Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Totally Random...

This is how we watch TV in my house - with 150 pounds of hot, snoring, love cuddled up with us...
It's been crazy here - My life is not my own right now - very busy with the kids so I haven't much to say, but this morning I was thinking about some things from when I was a kid and decided to tell you about it (even if it makes me look like a nut! :O)

Kellie is like me in so many ways it's scary -- although she's not a morning person! definitely NOT! And I love early morning and late at night - it's the in between that bites! :O) Anyway, she loves all things tiny. She collects everything. She is just like me. So It reminded me of when I was little. In the town that I grew up in (completely unrecognizable now, unfortunately) there was a tiny, dirty, dark little shop between the little neighborhood grocery store and the tiny amazing bakery. Oh those cupcakes - no one sells cupcakes that theirs. hhhh. So in this tiny little shop they sold big bags of Barbie accessories - remember the days when you bought A Barbie and then you bought dresses and accessories to go on her - unlike today when you buy a Barbie for every dress you want until you have 40 Barbies! I loved those bags of accessories - the little shoes, record players with tiny records, sunglasses, etc. I was crazy about all those tiny little things for my Barbies.

Kellie has been playing with her doll house a lot lately. I love doll houses. When I was around 8 years old I begged and begged for a doll house. There was a toy store in Columbia, Maryland (at the mall) that's entire front window display was a huge doll house. They sold real china, gorgeous furniture, food, tiny porcelain animals, EVERYTHING - (and none of it plastic) you could possibly want for a doll house along with doll house kits. Oh how I begged for one. So Christmas morning...There's a doll house for me. Was it one of the pretty kits I had shown my parents about 5,000 times? NO. It was this giant out of proportion monstrosity that my father had whipped up from whatever wood he could find. Now before you think I'm being a brat let me explain something - the kits weren't all that expensive, but even so - my father had amazing talent when it came to woodworking and painting. He really did fantastic work - but only when he wanted to. Clearly from the look of this house - he didn't want to! :O) It was so big, and so ugly! It could not have been farther from what I had wanted. To say I was disappointed is such an enormous understatement! It was ALL I wanted! I wanted to have a pretty doll house and to gradually fill it with all the pretty things I had seen at the store. I didn't want it to be full of stuff - that was the point - I wanted to collect - even if it took years and years! They didn't understand that. I think it's just one of those things that people like my parents, who grew up during the depression, just don't understand - they are just too practical and frugal to get it.

Well, when I was older, like maybe 18, I still thought about that doll house that I had wanted. It really bothered me that they didn't even try to make one even remotely similar. (It was like when I was 13 and begged for a 10-speed bike for Christmas like all my friends had and they bought me a 3-speed bike because 'girls can't handle a 10-speed')mmmm. So I joined a doll house furniture club. Each month they sent a box with a piece of furniture that needed to be put together and stained. The pieces are exact miniatures - even the drawers open and close. My oldest brother Ken likes to build model ships so he volunteered to make the furniture for me. He still gives me one finished piece each Christmas. I love that.But here's the thing....Mark wanted to get me one a few years ago because I have A LOT of furniture boxed away. I told him no, I really want to wait until Kellie's a little older because I want to do it with her. I want her to help me wall paper it, paint it, etc. She totally gets the real china, the silverware, the point of collecting over time, all that. She gets it. I found the perfect one - it's exactly what I want - front opening, Georgian, etc.

Enter Christmas ... Ken hands me my gift - A HUGE box. What in the world? Open it - a doll house. Giant, back open, VICTORIAN. LOL :O) I know I'm heartless and ridiculous about this, but I was so upset! Outside: OH MY GOSH! KEN THIS IS FANTASTIC! THANK YOU! Inside: I wanted to cry. I did cry to Mark on the way home! I was so frustrated and angry about it. I know it doesn't make any sense - I'm 43 years old for God's sake - but it made me crazy that once again after all these years of me talking about wanting a FRONT OPENING GEORGIAN MANSION that he would give me a GIANT BACK OPENING VIC-FRIGGIN-TORIAN?!!! LOL! I know, I'm ridiculous. But I didn't get anything even close to what I had wanted as a kid and now that I'm an adult I can get exactly what I want. I had planned to get the house soon because she is now 8 years old. And now for the second time in my life - After talking about it for so many years - I still don't get the right one?! I know it doesn't make any sense. I'm a tad old to be upset about this. Get over it already, right? but it has become like this cruel joke! :O) Like they want to see just how many wrong houses I can get! And Kellie - she was like "that's not the right house!" shhhhhh, we'll talk about this later. You really need to see the picture on the front of the box to get just how wrong it is! It's like hot pink and purple with so much gingerbread all over it - it's crazy! And Mark said : just do this one with Kellie and then you can get the one you want. huh, here we go again - The Point Is To Take Years To Do It And To Do It RIGHT! hhhhh. And I can't just push it aside - that would hurt Ken's feelings. Very frustrating. So that's what I have been thinking about today as I cleaned up all the tiny pieces of stuff from Kellie's doll house - my doll house nightmare - such a cruel cruel world! :O) Aren't I an idiot about this? I know. :O) Have a good day friends. I'm taking Molly to her first physical therapy session today. They said it would be about 2 hours - that's good times.


misschris said...

This cracked me up. Because I totally understood.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh Mary, Mary, Mary. You STILL haven't gotten your doll house. You make me laugh!

And this picture of Howard - all curled up on your handsome son's lap - is hilarious. Look at him - the big baby. What a funny picture.

Walker Ferox said...

I remember that dollhouse in Columbia mall. They'd dress it up for holidays and the family inside would move around, one year they even got a car.

It was in the window of the Putuxant Toy Shop I think. I haven't been back there in ages. I've been searching for photos of it for a while.