Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Physical Therapy

We walk in and there is this huge room with people doing all kinds of workouts. Several therapists walking around talking to each person. Molly looks at me and says "I do have a female therapist right?" aaaaaaa, I have no idea. Girl behind desk: Okay, you two can go sit over there, Bill will be right with you. Oh no - that better be short for Billie Jean. :O) So, here comes Bill - I think he may be all of 20 years old! He was a doctor, so clearly he is older than he looks - but I was thinking - you don't go by Doogie Howser do you? :O) Do you remember that show? Molly didn't know what I was talking about. She was wearing Yoga capris and the first thing Bill says is "can you roll your pants up above your knees?" because he wanted to look at her butt and her legs while she did all these crazy moves. Poor Molly, she was like - can this get worse? Oh yes, I think it can. Ol' Bill comes in and after talking to Molly and making her do all the things he says "I see that the specialist wants her to have two sessions a week for two weeks. That's not nearly enough therapy for her condition. I recommend three times a week for AT LEAST four or five weeks. I'm going to rewrite this prescription for that okay?" Absolutely Doogie, as long as we aren't breaking any child labor laws with you here that much. :O) Molly was not a happy camper! "Moooooom! I thought I was only going to have 3 more times! Now it's 14!!! With HIM!!!! Oh God!" So to make Molly feel better we went over to the store and bought her some cute workout clothes ' don't want to work out with the cute doctor in shabby sweats - am I right? I was explaining to Mark about our detour after therapy and he laughed - yeah, absolutely. I can see how that would be a necessity, you have fun with that. - So we did! :O)

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misschris said...

ha ha ha!!!!

That's awesome. Poor Molly. But so funny. My dad is a PT and he used to get the hunkiest interns fresh from PT school... I never minded going by to see dad at work. ;)