Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday - Digital Painting and Birthdays!

Today is my Mom's birthday!She's 83 years old today. She's amazing, really. She does a T'ai Chi class once a week, Yoga classes, she meets with her friends to play Mahjong and go to lunch once a week. She belongs to book clubs and is very very social. She still works one day a week at the front desk of the Senior Center in town. Last Christmas Mark and I gave her the Wii Fit. She told me the other day that her Wii fit age is 42! She has amazing balance - it's all that T'ai Chi and Yoga she has been doing for years. So anyhoo, Happy Birthday Mom!

I've been playing around with the drawing tablet on my computer.and playing with all the different tools for coloring/painting. These are some of my experiments. Lovely drawings huh? :O)

and these are the extra paint brushes I bought...I haven't messed with those yet. It's really fun. It's hard to get used to though. You drawn on the pad but the image is on the computer screen - that was tricky at first for me. You can work with pen, pencil, watercolor, oil, crayon, marker, and pastel. You choose everything! You can create your own palette, mix colors, etc. It's very cool. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm having fun just messing around with it.

And my recipes are getting out of control. My recipe box is overflowing and then I have this stack that has become a total mess...
so yesterday I went to Target and bought 4 binders, dividers, and sleeves. I'm going to get organized with this. I'm going to type all of my recipes up from my recipe cards, print them, and organize them in these binders along with all those pages from magazines that I've been saving.
I don't want them on my computer. I like to have them in print so I'm hoping these binders will make it easier for me to find the recipes when I want them.

Howard turned 2 on Thursday - Happy Birthday Howard. He got a new necklace...his very own birthday cake dog treat... a birthday cake to share with friends...and of course there are some of his favorite pies...
and my sister also brought a dozen dog cookies...These cookies smell so good - Jason was seriously thinking they might be good after school!
Howard also got a giant ball which I would show you - because I'm sure you want to see it! :O)but as soon as I go near it to take a photo Howard goes insane because he thinks we are going to play. Kellie wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him around his cake. ooooookay, I'm sure Howard will sit calmly next to his cake while we sing...not :O) Howard is pretty lucky having a dog bakery/toy store owner in the family!

It's slow here this week. Nothing crafty going on right now. I'm having my hair done today - going back to brown. This copper color fades too fast and with summer coming I'm giving up on the copper. So that's it for me this week. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Happy Friday! I'll see you Monday.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh my goodness - Happy Birthday Sweet Howard. Lots of fuzzy lip dog kisses to you from ME, Tobie and of course, Gizmo. May you have at least 50 more.
PS Happy Birthday to MOM too. What a week to celebrate!

Kris said...

Yay! The weekend! Happy Birthday to your mother too! She sounds like a lovely lady. You have good genes there Mary!

Levin (and Emily) said...

happy birthday to your mum and to howard.
hope you had a great weekend :)