Wednesday, May 6, 2009

F O C U S ... not.

I have been hit - yes, hit- with ideas at the craziest times lately. And then I have to run - yes, run - like a crazy person looking for something to write on and then to write with. What is wrong with you?! aahhh! need a pen.....have an idea....can't lose it! okay... (thinking - yeah, you're a whacko). But seriously - bombarded with ideas lately. It's definitely a good thing, except that I want to do them all NOW! not one at a time. So needless to say I'm bouncing all over the place and not getting much finished. I make myself crazy when I get like this. Thank God for sketch books or I would forget half of the things I want to do!

And then there is the woman at Joann's. She made a major blunder while ringing my sale. She voided my 40% off Michael's coupon BEFORE she scanned it and then proceeded to tell me that coupons from Michael's can't be used on books! ME: Okay, and you have voided it so now I can't use it at Michael's. IDIOT: hahahaha, gee, sorry about that. ME: (thinking)Back up people...I'm going to have to do some amazing karate moves on this woman and I wouldn't want anyone else to be hurt. Instead of amazing maneuvers designed to impress I settled for giving her my expressive eyeballs. VOIDING A 40% OFF COUPON???! hhhhhh, there should be a law about people like her! :O)


Kris said...

Isn't the whole idea thing funny? I mean, you have the idea, it's born in your head, and then you forget it if you don't write it down straight away! I'm the same. Slack sales assistants all belong to a club where they go to tell funny stories and laugh together. At us! "Hahahaha, did I tell you the one where I voided this woman's 40% off voucher that I knew she couldn't use and then I laughed at her! Hahahaha!" Hey! I'm not paranoid! I reckon this really happens, why else would they be so slack unless it was on purpose!!!!

misschris said...

some people. Gah!

Cannot wait to see what you're cooking up, though. I'm so intrigued. Right there with you on the idea pile-up, too. I have a hard time at night trying to fall asleep for all the ideas floating around!

Levin (and Emily) said...

personally i think she should have given you your purchases for free. what a nerve - to make a mistake, not take responsibility for it and then laugh at you! mind you what is Joann and and Michelles???? or Michaels??? Sounds like people you visit.