Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wait A Second...What?

So Friday is the dreaded trip to Washington DC with Ryan's class. He just came home and said...
Well, I found out who is in our group.
Oh yeah? who?
This kid who HATES me!
What do you mean he hates you? Why do you say that?
Because when he found out he was in my group he said "I DON"T WANT TO BE IN A GROUP WITH YOU RYAN! I HATE YOU!"
Well, that's pretty clear isn't it? Did you tell the teacher so she could switch him?
Yes and she said too bad.

TOO BAD?!!! Oh no no no pumpkin - not too bad. So I immediately sent Ms. I wont be in the group so I don't care if this kid is a pain in the ass all day an email telling her that I do not appreciate her leaving him in MY group to supervise all day! Oh I-don't-think-so Deary. I will give her until 2pm tomorrow to respond before I am on the phone. What kind of idiot sends a parent chaperon on a trip with a boy who hates their child?! Oh yeah, that will be good times.


Kris said...

Lol! Good times, good times! (I am so jealous. Not!)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hey - do you watch the Sopranos? Well, I say you simply introduce him to Howard - and let Howard, um, "take care" of him - if you know what I mean!!

Believe it or not - we have had several field trips with "kids" who hate eachother - and you know what? More often than not - they end up getting to know eachother and coming home buddies. Especially when the one kids mom is the field trip mom - and she is ultra "cool" like I KNOW you are!

(and if that doesn't work - remember what I said about Howard)