Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Determination...

Okay so unless I'm about to have a baby at any moment - there is absolutely no excuse for my current weight! Lordy! So, I've started my new weight loss adventure. The only problem is it takes up most of my morning.

Kellie on bus 8:35 am
Eat Breakfast
Take Howard for a walk - this is by far the best part of it. He has a really long stride and his walk is more of a trot. He tries to walk right next to me but I have a short stride so it really doesn't work. I have to speed up to keep up with him and then he walks/trots right next to me. It's a great 30 minute cardio workout!
Come home and do 30 minutes of Pilates
30 minutes of Yoga
25 minutes in the hot tub
quick shower and now it's 12:32 and I can try to squeeze some of my other typical day stuff in before the kids walk through the door at 2:15. Sheesh. I think I might have to rework this schedule or I wont get anything else finished around here.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Okay - I think we need to do this "together" as I'm in my third trimester!!! (according to the scale!)

I've been living on protein powder shakes with fruit (for breakfast and lunch) and healthy dinner. Just ordered "hip hop abs" (sheesh I am desperate!) I do Gilad at least three times a week but still not getting enough exercise. Hey, don't cheat and "ride" Howard - I'll be watching YOU.

Got any good healthy recipes?
I took my diet/fitness blog down 'cause I kept getting perverted comments and e-mails.

Jackie said...

So ad about the boy who died. I'm intrigued by the idea of 'The viewing'. Y
We don't have it so official here. Thats not always such a good thing. I didn't see a dead person until I was in my 40s and it was a hell of a shock. I think we are kept away from death too much, but on the other hand, taking your child to see one of his friends must be terrible.

I don't envy you taking all those kids out..you deserve a medal.

I would like to borrow Howard, I need him to drag my overweight body around the woods. willow needs to gain weight she is like a skeleton and I am embarassed to make her walk these days.

Jane said...

I can't believe this......yet another gal on a diet!
Just about every female I work with is on one too (me included)
I put it down to our recent weather, it's been quite sunny and warm.....i say this at a whisper as i don't want to tempt fate, i am in the UK you know :) sunshine is RARE!
I can't hide under cosy woolens and jackets all my life.

Kris said...

My goodness, you will have no time to live if you keep that regime up! Good luck!

misschris said...

That is a busy morning! I think I'm lucky if I can squeeze in 45 mins total (when I'm not pg)... But a soak in the hot tub is quite the worthy treat...