Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is It Really Wednesday?

This week is flying by! Howard is not cooperating with the exercise plan! I had to have Molly at school this morning by 6:30 AM because she gets to go to New York with the drama class to see a Broadway show today! Are you suuuuuuure they don't need a parent chaperon? :O) So anyway, I got back home at 6:45 and thought hey hey hey - I have time before I have to get Kellie up for school. Ryan is in the shower starting his day - I could get my walk in now! Howard WOULD NOT get out of bed! I'm pulling (yeah, I think he may have moved a 1/4 of an inch - maybe) I begged. I got out some treats. He just looked at me like have you lost your mind?! yawned and then rolled away from me snuggling down farther onto his body sized pillow - the pillow he stole from me - useless dog! So now it's 9:24 and I think I might be able to wake him up from his new location (his chair) and convince him that a walk would be fun. Happy Wednesday!

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Lesley's Creations said...

Oh no poor you, no walk then! I must admit to being a little on Howards side on this one. A comfortable bed and cushion is so hard to remove yourself from. Even with the thought of a fresh brisk, bright walk in front of you. Maybe next time. Tee Hee. xx PS. But I am one of Howards biggest fans. xx