Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I WON!...I guess.

First, the dogwood tree in our front yard is my favorite tree...
Anyhoo...Kellie's school is having a fund raiser right now - 30 days of baskets. They pick one name a day for 30 days and each winner gets a Longaberger basket as a prize. Well, I don't let my kids sell items for school (because I don't like to guilt my neighbors into buying things) so I buy everything. It's not as bad now that only Kellie is in Elementary school - there for awhile when Jason, Molly, and Ryan were in school together I was buying things like 75 big candy bars at a time! So anyway, on Friday I got a call that they had picked my name for one of the baskets!I can't believe it - I never win things.I must say this is a cute little basket and it only cost me...$30! :O) It's for a good cause right? The school needs things, right? :O)

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misschris said...

a pink dogwood. *sigh*

I've been drooling over the ones in other people's yards all week. You lucky duck. You've got a basket and a dogwood!!