Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Is My Favorite Month!

I love April! It is my favorite month. All the spring birds are back and they are chirping in the trees, the buds are on the trees, the cherry blossoms are blooming, all the spring flowers in my garden are coming up, and the air smells so good! Love this month! April is a busy month for me. My wedding anniversary is in April, Easter is in April this year, and Molly's 16th birthday is this month.

I was running around like a nut yesterday - I hope you had a nice Tuesday. I did finish the black stitching on Monday but I took yesterday off and didn't work on the cover at all. My wrists and hands are very grateful for that!My favorite thread for my mini quilts (and everything else) is the overdyed floss by Needle Necessities. It has always been my go to thread.Unfortunately, they went out of business. Now I can't bring myself to use the thread that I have left because I wont be able to replace it! It will only be used for something very special now. Very sad about that thread not being available anymore.

I pulled some of my other hand dyed floss to use on this project. I may use some Wildflowers by Caron, Weeks Dye Works, and The Gentle Art. They are expensive though and since this is a book cover I may stick with the cheaper DMC's for this project.I'm going to use a lot of DMC. This is the silky threads - I've never worked with them before, I hope I like them. They have a soft sheen to them that I like.and the metallic threads (never worked with them before either). They seem stiff, but I'm planning to mix threads so maybe they will be fine. I like how they have some sparkle to them.I'm going to use these DMC variegated threads the most. They work well for background stitching.and I'm planning to use a little of these threads mixed in for interest (not sure about the fuzzy stuff because it may not hold up to use - they may be put aside for a wall hanging instead, but I thought I would show them to you because they look like they would be fun to use on a quilt and I'm anxious to use them. I've used that orange fuzzy sparkly thread before to out line the inner section of the petals on Kellie's Flower mini quilt.It's hard to see in this photo, but I like the way it looks on the quilt. It's fun to use. I used matching thread to couch it to the quilt.

And as you know, I love cupcakes. When I was at the mall Friday with my friend I saw this pan at Williams Sonoma and had to have it. I'm going to make them for Easter, and for Molly's birthday. I think they are so pretty! Very fun.
I love decorating cakes! Not as easy now that I have carpal tunnel, but when Jason and Molly were little (2 and 3) I took a cake decorating class with my sister. Very fun. I made all kinds of fancy cakes for the kids birthdays. These are a few of my favorites...They are fun to make, but boy those pans take up so much room! They are hard to store. I keep thinking I should sell them. But the kids might want the pans for their own kids one day. Yeah, that's why I have an attic full of crap that my kids will probably never want!

So, now that my hands had a rest yesterday I'm going to get to work on some colorful stitching. See you tomorrow - Happy Wednesday and Happy April!


Clevelandgirlie said...

OMG Mary PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a picture so I can see a closeup of that cute little flower that you did a while ago??? I must see it close -- it is amazing. YOU are my mentor, my hero in the embroidery world. Absolutely beautiful. Oh please - let my work get as good as yours!!! I do love it so.

PS ever heard of Steff Francis? Check out her stuff on the web - you will like it.

Clevelandgirlie said...

P.S. Cakes are beautiful. I would eat all the frosting before I got in on the cake!
Is that Molly from the big comfy couch I see????

misschris said...

Cake pans are up there with Cake Keepers, Cupcake keepers, devilled egg trays and crock pots, as far as storage goes! And you have a ton!

That book cover is looking might purty, Mary.

Kris said...

Ooo! I love looking at all your threads. So beautiful. Varigated threads are my favourites! They are magical and make backgrounds look soooooooooooooo wonderful. Have fun colouring in!