Thursday, April 16, 2009

All That Stress For Nothing...

This morning I received this email from Ryan's teacher...

Thank you for your email. I appreciate you letting me know what Zach said to Ryan. We had planned on putting two chaperone groups together so that everyone would be with someone that they chose to be with. After finding this information out, however, we are changing some groups around so that there is no discomfort and everyone has an enjoyable day.

Thanks again and we'll see you tomorrow.

So my faith in middle school teachers has been restored.

I have been stuck in my house every day this week and I'm starting to go a little BONKERS! Monday I waited most of the day for the hot tub guys and they brought the WRONG TUB! Four giant men brought the giant hot tub all the way down the driveway and around back and got it all set up and then asked me to come out and check it over.

Ahhhh, this isn't the right tub.
This isn't the right tub. We bought the Sahara MT.
Wait a second I'll be right back. (he pulls out his cell phone and walks to his truck)
Ah, Ma'am, this isn't the right tub.
So four giant men take tub back to the truck and leave.
Tuesday in the pouring rain and through the muck in my backyard from all of the rain - four giant men return with the right tub and hook it up.
Wednesday I was stuck all day because of the electrician who is wiring the tub.
Thursday again with the electrician. He tells me that they should be finished by 1pm. I hope so. I want to buy snacks and stuff for tomorrow and I want to get a pretty Vera Bradley tote bag for the DC trip. I need something big to hold the Tylenol and the bat to beat the bad 12 year old boys with! :O) WHACK! Look at the painting! :O)


Kris said...

It's school holidays here and my 16 year old just got home from a referee training camp FULL of 12 year old boys. She's only 16, but a senior ref and was helping out. She says she now has a permanent headache so the tylenol seems very appropriate for your situation!

TitansFan said...

How does this stuff happen? I bought a hot tub 16 months ago and the company delivered the wrong one. That wouldn't have been a big problem but... I called the company back and they had shipped all the rest of the tubs. I refused delivery and canceled the order. I ordered another hot tub and it was awesome. My new Hot Tub was all I hoped it would be.

Levin (and Emily) said...

you know what i love most about your blog.....the fact that you make me laugh out loud in fact rotflshiwmp!
which is my new blog speak for rolling on the floor laughing so hard i wet my pants!
hope your excursion goes well and that they behave themselves.
take some alcohol too!

Shopping For Kids said...

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