Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Of A Sudden...

My week went crazy! Anniversary and out with Cornelia to the candy store on Tuesday...
for the most amazing chocolates ever! I waited too long this year so I couldn't get the honey candy they sell or the tea chocolates or the Italian cherries. Very sad about that.

I still purchased a lot of yummy candy, but I'll have to make sure I go early for Mother's Day!

Then on Wednesday I had to take Ryan to the doctor because he woke up with poison ivy on his face. He's feeling better and he only has to take the steroid for three days.

Mark and I bought the Sahara MT spa. They were having a special last weekend and they were including every extra option available in the price! It was an amazing deal and we've been wanting one for a long time so we decided to get it. With Mark's bad back and my bad knee, neck, arms, etc (because I'm falling apart) we are hoping this will help. It's being delivered on Monday. Yesterday the electrician was here telling me how they would have to run the electric out to it. Basically, they are going to be all over my sewing area - including drilling an access hole above my desk! lovely. I'll have to move everything out of their way before they get here on Tuesday. Molly is all excited because her birthday is the 25th and she wants to have some friends over for a hot tub party!

We were going to my sisters for Easter this weekend, but yesterday I was talking to her and we've decided to switch the party to my house. So, now I'm running around trying to get ready for the party. I went to the store this morning at 7:30 and they were out of hams!!! I was like...ahhhh, but luckily they had a bunch in the back so I am all set grocery wise, but I need to clean and get organized. I have some baking to do and there is an antique show this weekend on Saturday that I want to go to. I hope I can still fit that in. I missed the last one.

Well, I'm off to get my hair done and do all the laundry that should have been done on Monday - have a great Thursday.

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misschris said...

Oh, good grief, woman!! Everything did go crazy all at once.

But seriously, can I come to the spa party too?