Friday, March 27, 2009


The book cover is coming along slowly. I'm outlining everything with black embroidery floss in a back stitch first and then I will move on the the filling in and background embroidery. This part is slow going - it seems to be taking forever but I think it may be because it's black and I'm just following the drawn line - not terribly exciting. I'm using 6 strands of floss and a Chenille needle to do the outline.
And I will be starting a new trend in the neighborhood - winter wreaths up all summer long! Cool right? :O) A little bird has taken up residence in the wreath on my front porch so now I can't take it down.
I know it's hard to see, but it's there - all the brown stuff...
I can't wait to see eggs in there and then some babies. I'll be keeping my camera handy!
And I love decks of cards. When I was younger I was never without a deck of cards. I played solitaire all the time and if I wasn't playing I was shuffling the cards. It was pretty OCD actually, but I outgrew it. Fortunately, I did not grow up to be addicted to poker or something - I just really loved playing solitaire! Anyhoo, I've started collecting old decks and I just got this one from a guy in England. They came in a leather pocket...
here are the face cards - I think they are super cool!...
a few years ago I saw a deck on eBay that was really really old and the cards were really big but I didn't want to spend the money on them - I always regretted not bidding on them. Looking back it wasn't that much money, but at the time I thought it was too much for a deck of cards. I've never seen anything like them since. Big mistake passing them up.
So I'm off to the mall and lunch with a friend today. Haven't seen her in months so I'm looking forward to it. Tonight is Ryan's last youth center and I'm working the concession. Ugh. It's so loud! I hope the karaoke machine is broken! The songs they "sing" give us a splitting headache! It's very loud and very obnoxious after about an hour and a half on non stop "singing". Not looking forward to that, but I am glad it's the weekend. Hope your weekend is wonderful! See you Monday.


Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Mary. Happy Friday!
Love love love your little cover thus far. The black outline really makes the colors and design soar - AND - I can wait to see how you do the background. I am learning so much from you. I WILL be copying this procedure!

Birdie - hey - you better be careful how hard you slam your front door or you'll have scrambled eggs on the porch. I'd put a little note up on the inside of the door as a reminder:)

Cards - those are really cool. I see a really cool embroidery of a few of them - much in the same manner as you're doing your Kindle cover.

You inspire me.
Enjoy your lunch at the mall.
And STOP spending all of Mark's money!!! (tell him I said that!! :)
PS I am not speaking to you until you post some new pictures of Howard. After all - that IS why I come around.

Kris said...

Cute birdie! I still have jingle bells on my front door from Christmas. (With no bird) Umm, Christmas 2007. So! I like jingle bells! They make me happy!