Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Terrific Tuesday...

Spent our snowy Monday making a few more of these...The kids can't understand why I'm making hearts when Valentines Day is over. But I don't think these are Valentine-y - they aren't red! They are spring hearts - like Mother's Day and Easter hearts! Am I the only one who sees that? They are satin and they have a little Lavender in them - just enough to smell nice but not enough to give you a headache. Today I'm going to work on the postcard sachets.

I decided to add some leather to my stash. I placed an order on Friday and the leather guy called to clarify what I wanted. I think he thinks I'm an idiot! LOL Basically, I've never worked with leather - at least not the way I'm planning - so I have no clue what I want! For one of the leathers he had colors and asked what I wanted so I was saying...oh, some pretty colors like pale blues, yellows, pinkish, creamy. Stuff like that. And kind of on the thin side. Not too thick. So He says...for this other leather you ordered, I have earth tones. What colors are you looking for? Oh, just pretty colors - nothing dark. He was like LADY! I'm a guy- selling leather - tans, browns - WHAT COLORS?! Ooopsie I detect a cranky pants! LOL Poor guy. I hope he doesn't send me thick dark colors just for revenge! I guess he is used to men calling and saying I want brown and some...brown.

At dinner last night the kids were talking about different things they had been punished for over the years and of course Jason's kleptomaniac phase came up. One of the things he stole was a pack of Pokemon cards from Micheal's. We were at the next store and you know how you look at your kid and you just know they are up to something? Well, Jason had that I'm so innocent I must be guilty look about him and I asked what was in his pocket --- dun dun dunnnnnn...stolen Pokemon cards. So back to Michael's where he had to confess and pay for the cards. Then we went home and he's thinking he might have to suffer through another long lecture but that all is well. Ooooh no. Jason, come to the kitchen table and bring the Pokemon card pack with you. Jason comes to the table and sits down (prepared to sleep with his eyes open while I yammer on about burning in Hell for all eternity). I don't think I even talked about Hell - what I did was hand him the scissors...Now Jason you will cut these cards up into tiny pieces and throw them away. He was shocked! The sobbing could be heard for miles as he cut those cards up. I must say, it was THE best punishment I have ever come up with. He said last night "I'll never forget the trauma of that night." -- and he never stole another thing after that. Chopping up the loot seems to be a cure for Kleptos!

The kids had a two hour delay for school this morning. I'm expecting a call from school about Jason this morning. He had four big pancakes for breakfast and then like 20 minutes later he was eating a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup - at 8:10AM! Then he ate an apple. iiiiiiii. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

Someone asked if sugar free jello could be used for the cake - I'm not sure, but I guess it could. The Jello is made with less water than normal and it runs all over the top of the cake and down into the holes and then it sets in the fridge so as long as sugar free sets I don't see why it wouldn't work - now, taste might be an issue - can't be sure on that.

And Robin, It was nice to hear from you again! I always want to respond to your comments but don't have an email address for you. I could leave a comment on my post, but do you come back to old posts? or can you email me your email address?

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Kris said...

That poor leather guy! You traumatised him I'm sure. Next time just say you want brown and... brown. I know you don't want brown, but he will feel so much happier!