Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Not really a holiday, but I sure do love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We are having corned beef and cabbage for dinner (of course) - not really an Irish dinner -- more an American version of an Irish dinner but we LOVE it! There will be green milk and green cake to go with it of course because if it can be dyed green today it will be! Not very appetizing, but fun.

And since it is Saint Patrick's Day...here are a few photos from Molly's very first Feis.She was not happy to learn that first year students don't wear the fancy Irish Dance dresses! Well, one little girl wore her sisters old dress which caused quite a ruckus! :O)
Molly won the Gold in Reels...

And she won a Silver in Jigs. I loved watching her dance! And unfortunately Kellie has absolutely NO interest in this!

And I am campaigning HARD for a Kindle 2 from Amazon! I'm pulling out all the stops with my persuasion tactics! I've mentioned our Anniversary is next month, Easter, Mother's Day, Because he loves me, Because I haven't had a new toy (that he knows of) since Christmas, My Birthday, St. Patrick's Day, To celebrate the arrival of Spring...Any and every reason I can think of has been forwarded to him along with the link to the shopping cart! (must make it as easy as possible for the purchase to take place). So far he's resisting the temptation to buy! dang it!

And Mark got a new coral for the tank...(it's the pink fluffy stuff behind Sheldon)
Sheldon (the pincushion sea urchin with the green mushroom hat and the shell accessories) was on it like white on rice! I'm sure he will be sporting it as a new hat any day now - stupid urchin!

And my spinning fluff arrived from CatsMeowPresents!
With a little extra goodness to play with... It is soooo soft and so fabulously funky! I'm going to felt it. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!


Clevelandgirlie said...

Let me preface my comment by saying - I got one, I got one, I got a Kindle 2. In fact, I just checked the "tracking" and it has departed and will arrive at my house TODAY. I got my dad one for Christmas (we ordered it in November and it didn't arrive until two weeks ago - and he LOVES IT) Because I'm a "retired" English teacher, and voracious reader, my husband bought me one as a surprise but couldn't keep the surprise so he told me last week. I'll let you know how I like it. I'm so psyched. I just went on Project Gutenberg and they have 20,000 classic pieces of literature and history you can download for free. I already have a list of about 30 books I want to download. I am going to blog about it tomorrow. Anyway.....

Molly - how sweet. I didn't know you guys are Irish. I'm Scotts-Irish. I knew you'd be dyeing everything green today. What about Howard????? Where are my Howard pictures??? I miss my daily dose of Howard. You didn't ship him off did you? I thought maybe I'd see him in a Leprachaun hat or something today on your blog.

What is that first item you have pictured in your goodies? Is it a printed cloth? It looks lovely. You are one spoiled girl!!! Have fun felting. Today - I'm working until 12, (yeah right!) then I'm off to prepare guest room for Mother In Law's arrival tomorrow - THEN I'm working on my Van Gogh Iris.

Whew! Enough yammering. Have a great Tuesday O'Mary!

misschris said...

Happy St Patty's day! Molly looks adorable. And congrats to her! I think Irish dancing is just the most fun to watch.