Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does It Really Need A Title?

Sometimes it's just too random for titles. So I'm excited because tonight I am driving over to the school where I was taking my Court Reporting classes last year to meet a current student who might want to buy ALL of my school stuff!! Happy Dance Happy Dance! Oh I hope she buys everything. I'm going to let her use my machine in class tonight for a test drive. And that way even if she doesn't buy it -- all the other students in the class who will be buying machines this spring will get a chance to see it and maybe buy it too! Yippee!

And let me just tell you a few of the reasons why I'm loving the Kindle2...

1. Where ever I go I carry a book to read. HEAVY. Kindle 2 is only 10.2 ounces!

2. Books are bulky. Kindle 2 is just over 1/3 inch thick.

3. When I travel to the beach I take A LOT of books because I read 24/7 at the beach. The Kindle 2 holds 1,500 books.

4. When I'm at the beach or the pool I want to read and it is always a challenge to read and keep an eye on the kids. I am always rereading the same line over and over because I get lost every time I look up. The Kindle 2 has a feature that will turn any book, magazine, or newspaper on your Kindle into a talking book. So headphones in, listen to book and keep BOTH eyes on kids!

5. Bestsellers cost about $28.00. Kindle2 - bestsellers cost $9.99

6. You do not need a computer to use it to download books, magazines, or newspapers. It's wireless so if I'm sitting in the car waiting for a kid -- I can shop, download, and read!

7. Save a tree - you can subscribe to national and international newspapers and magazines and have them on your Kindle in the morning all ready and waiting for you each day.

I bought a book for Kellie because she reads more than I do and she gets bored waiting for her brothers and sisters. Her only issue was that the books are black and white. Her standards are high :O)

Now, I like my craft book obsession so the Kindle 2 will not be saving anything there. I will still be making those purchases in print, but on my normal book/novel reading this is awesome!

The Kindle 2 is F A B U L O U S!!! Love it.


Clevelandgirlie said...

me too me too me too. Mine came last night and we've been together ever since. Get this - I downloaded the Dickens Collection, the Bronte Collection and the Jane Austen collection (Dickens has 16 books) and they were $2.98, .99 and .99. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????? I am sooooo psyched. Have you figured out how to make the page a different shade?

Kristina said...

I just wandered over here from Betz White. I have to say, I really love your banner! Such pretty little white clovers. Lovely.

Sweetfern Handmade

Kris said...

Okay, just a few things to cover here.
1. No, it doesn't really need a title. I sometimes scream when I see that part when blog posting.
2. Just how much is the Kindle 2 manufacturer paying you to advertise so cleverly?
3. My kids would be the same as Kellie. They won't even watch any black and white tv shows or movies!

Thank you.

Jackie said...

I'm sure its fabulous but at $300 I think I'll have to make do with yours!