Monday, March 30, 2009

I Love This Book...

Kellie and I were eating chocolate doughnuts with colored sprinkles (sometimes you have to forget the fruit, eggs and toast and go with the good stuff, right?) for breakfast on Sunday and we were talking about this book. We love this book. It's goofy and silly and was one of Kellie's favorites when she was in kindergarten.

I'm stillllll working on the black outline embroidery. I worked on it all weekend! I wont even show you because I'm that bored with it. I should be finished today and moving on to the colored embroidery - yippee! That's about it for me today so I'll just say Happy Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2009


The book cover is coming along slowly. I'm outlining everything with black embroidery floss in a back stitch first and then I will move on the the filling in and background embroidery. This part is slow going - it seems to be taking forever but I think it may be because it's black and I'm just following the drawn line - not terribly exciting. I'm using 6 strands of floss and a Chenille needle to do the outline.
And I will be starting a new trend in the neighborhood - winter wreaths up all summer long! Cool right? :O) A little bird has taken up residence in the wreath on my front porch so now I can't take it down.
I know it's hard to see, but it's there - all the brown stuff...
I can't wait to see eggs in there and then some babies. I'll be keeping my camera handy!
And I love decks of cards. When I was younger I was never without a deck of cards. I played solitaire all the time and if I wasn't playing I was shuffling the cards. It was pretty OCD actually, but I outgrew it. Fortunately, I did not grow up to be addicted to poker or something - I just really loved playing solitaire! Anyhoo, I've started collecting old decks and I just got this one from a guy in England. They came in a leather pocket...
here are the face cards - I think they are super cool!...
a few years ago I saw a deck on eBay that was really really old and the cards were really big but I didn't want to spend the money on them - I always regretted not bidding on them. Looking back it wasn't that much money, but at the time I thought it was too much for a deck of cards. I've never seen anything like them since. Big mistake passing them up.
So I'm off to the mall and lunch with a friend today. Haven't seen her in months so I'm looking forward to it. Tonight is Ryan's last youth center and I'm working the concession. Ugh. It's so loud! I hope the karaoke machine is broken! The songs they "sing" give us a splitting headache! It's very loud and very obnoxious after about an hour and a half on non stop "singing". Not looking forward to that, but I am glad it's the weekend. Hope your weekend is wonderful! See you Monday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Giving In To Temptation...

Mark asked me "did you get the mulch?" Aaaah, no. But I did get these little clippy hook things so that the twinkle lights will hang better around my sewing area!
And last night I ran over to Joann's to get black floss because I knew that I was going to need a lot of black for the book cover I'm working on...and since I have these bins full of beads...and these bins full of beads...
I probably have all the beads necessary for beading the book cover right? So I probably have no defense for this purchase...
and definitely no excuse for this one...
but they were all 40% off and boy are they pretty! I HAD to have them. I am a complete sucker for the word SALE and worse for the word CLEARANCE! Mark just rolls his eyes and reminds me that the mulch really should be somewhere on my list of priorities for this week. And I really should have made that purchase yesterday instead of little clippy hook things and more beads because now today is the only day I have to do it and it's raining! So now I will be at Lowe's in the rain buying 10 bags of mulch. fun.
And now for the totally random part of my post...(as if that first part wasn't random enough!)

Do you remember the island of misfit toys from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie? Well, it occurred to me this morning that my house is the island of misfit animals. We have birdie (Jason's African Grey parrot) who I hate - he is a featherless parrot. Doesn't he look sweet...
aaaaw see how he has his head bent over and he's all fluffed up to be scratched....
yeah, he wants you to put your finger in there so he can rip it off! He's a very bad bird. But he does say Hello when the phone rings. And he does yell at Ryan. And he tells Howard he's a good boy and to go outside. So if you overlook the fact that he will kill you if given a chance and that he throws food all over the floor and that if you try to sweep it up he throws even more food at you, he's actually pretty smart!

And then there is Miss Kitty. Don't you love how clever we are with our pet names - birdie the bird and miss kitty the cat? :O) She is as cross eyed as she can be! You can't see it in this photo because she is squinting (and looking rather nasty - she's actually very sweet) but she's very cross eyed...
I really should have asked the breeder for a discount because who else but me would purchase a cross eyed cat!
And of course there is Howard who doesn't seem to be able to keep his tongue in his head. He's not panting here. His tongue is just hanging there and when you lift his lips his tongue is clamped between his teeth. It looks very painful, but he doesn't seem to notice because his tongue is always hanging out...
yes, I do believe I live in the house of misfit pets. Have a happy Thursday. Would it be bad of me to tell Mark that Lowe's was out of mulch? yeah, I'd probably burn in hell right? I guess I'll put a hat on my head - Mulch needs to be purchased. This is my penance for procrastinating. Could have purchased the mulch in the sunshine but noooooooo, I delayed so now I'm off to Lowe's in the rain. good times.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Typical ME!

I am on a baking frenzy today. I made blueberry muffins because Kellie requested them. Then I made cupcakes because Ryan requested them. Now I'm mixing up two loaves of banana nut bread because Jason requested them and I have a ton of ripe bananas. As I'm mixing the bread (because the cupcakes have like 5 minutes to go) I see three eggs sitting on the counter. hmmm, what are they for...oh yeah, the cupcakes! Oh Crap! LOL I guess we wont be eating yummy cupcakes today after all! dang it. :O)

Painting Fabric

I'm working on a book cover for myself. Yesterday I drew it all out on fabric...
and then spent the afternoon painting it...
It doesn't look like much now, but today I'm going to stitch over the paint with embroidery floss and then I'll add the beading. The two ends are the part that will fold under to the inside of the book cover.

And just so you know...I want this car! I think it is so cute! Can I afford another car payment? NO. But it looks fun to drive.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It was a beautiful weekend and Kellie enjoyed some bubbly rainbow magic...
Happy Monday.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does It Really Need A Title?

Sometimes it's just too random for titles. So I'm excited because tonight I am driving over to the school where I was taking my Court Reporting classes last year to meet a current student who might want to buy ALL of my school stuff!! Happy Dance Happy Dance! Oh I hope she buys everything. I'm going to let her use my machine in class tonight for a test drive. And that way even if she doesn't buy it -- all the other students in the class who will be buying machines this spring will get a chance to see it and maybe buy it too! Yippee!

And let me just tell you a few of the reasons why I'm loving the Kindle2...

1. Where ever I go I carry a book to read. HEAVY. Kindle 2 is only 10.2 ounces!

2. Books are bulky. Kindle 2 is just over 1/3 inch thick.

3. When I travel to the beach I take A LOT of books because I read 24/7 at the beach. The Kindle 2 holds 1,500 books.

4. When I'm at the beach or the pool I want to read and it is always a challenge to read and keep an eye on the kids. I am always rereading the same line over and over because I get lost every time I look up. The Kindle 2 has a feature that will turn any book, magazine, or newspaper on your Kindle into a talking book. So headphones in, listen to book and keep BOTH eyes on kids!

5. Bestsellers cost about $28.00. Kindle2 - bestsellers cost $9.99

6. You do not need a computer to use it to download books, magazines, or newspapers. It's wireless so if I'm sitting in the car waiting for a kid -- I can shop, download, and read!

7. Save a tree - you can subscribe to national and international newspapers and magazines and have them on your Kindle in the morning all ready and waiting for you each day.

I bought a book for Kellie because she reads more than I do and she gets bored waiting for her brothers and sisters. Her only issue was that the books are black and white. Her standards are high :O)

Now, I like my craft book obsession so the Kindle 2 will not be saving anything there. I will still be making those purchases in print, but on my normal book/novel reading this is awesome!

The Kindle 2 is F A B U L O U S!!! Love it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It Was A Banner Day...

So first I made the green cake. Now, normally I use a white cake mix but I didn't have one. I did have a lemon cake mix that we really like a lot. So I decided to make that. I added A LOT of green food coloring because the yellow color of the mix just didn't want to turn green!
Then I baked it in a bunt pan and it looked pretty good for a green cake...but then I turned it out on to a cooling rack and it suddenly went from shamrock green to this pond scum green covered in brown pond sludge...It was a pretty unanimous ... ooooooh, that is just wrong! I thought that was pretty funny so I put it on a fancy cake plate...and then I decided to really turn it up a notch and add some green icing...and trust me this photo is not actually showing the cake to it's full amazingness - it didn't even look this good ;O]...It was by far the ugliest cake I have ever seen! I think this cake may go down in family history! It was that funny. It tasted great - and as long as you closed your eyes everything was fine! Yeah, I don't think I'll be making a green lemon cake again any time soon.
And the mailman brought me this...Mark gave me a Saint Patrick's Day gift(well, it's really an anniversary gift). It's the Kindle 2 I've been campaigning for! Hooray! I'm very excited about this here thingy!...

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

Not really a holiday, but I sure do love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We are having corned beef and cabbage for dinner (of course) - not really an Irish dinner -- more an American version of an Irish dinner but we LOVE it! There will be green milk and green cake to go with it of course because if it can be dyed green today it will be! Not very appetizing, but fun.

And since it is Saint Patrick's are a few photos from Molly's very first Feis.She was not happy to learn that first year students don't wear the fancy Irish Dance dresses! Well, one little girl wore her sisters old dress which caused quite a ruckus! :O)
Molly won the Gold in Reels...

And she won a Silver in Jigs. I loved watching her dance! And unfortunately Kellie has absolutely NO interest in this!

And I am campaigning HARD for a Kindle 2 from Amazon! I'm pulling out all the stops with my persuasion tactics! I've mentioned our Anniversary is next month, Easter, Mother's Day, Because he loves me, Because I haven't had a new toy (that he knows of) since Christmas, My Birthday, St. Patrick's Day, To celebrate the arrival of Spring...Any and every reason I can think of has been forwarded to him along with the link to the shopping cart! (must make it as easy as possible for the purchase to take place). So far he's resisting the temptation to buy! dang it!

And Mark got a new coral for the tank...(it's the pink fluffy stuff behind Sheldon)
Sheldon (the pincushion sea urchin with the green mushroom hat and the shell accessories) was on it like white on rice! I'm sure he will be sporting it as a new hat any day now - stupid urchin!

And my spinning fluff arrived from CatsMeowPresents!
With a little extra goodness to play with... It is soooo soft and so fabulously funky! I'm going to felt it. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Fear of Clay In The Kiln...

My fear of putting clay in the kiln is currently holding me back from even playing with the clay! I am itching to get my little kiln out and make some beads (these are all that is left from the class I took to learn how to make lampwork beads. I had them all on a bracelet with a lot of the beads I've made since taking the class and it broke at a store and the beads went everywhere! - I lost several of my favorites). These beads are far from perfect, but they sure were fun to make!and I want to make buttons like these from this book in clay. I spent part of Sunday gazing at my glass stringers and thinking about what beads I want to make. What color combinations, etc. (maybe something for Molly since her birthday is in April or something for my Mom for Mother's Day and her birthday, which is in May)...I love these Dichroic glass stringers - yum!...
and looking at bead books -this is by far my favorite lampwork book!

I'm definitely feeling the need to work with the glass and whenever I think about glass and my kiln I immediately think about clay and the buttons I want to make. This past summer I had planned to do a little playing with clay -- chickened out because of the kiln issue! I have searched and searched for the directions for firing clay in my little electric kiln. All I keep finding are books and articles that end with .... and fire in your kiln. I DON"T KNOW HOW TO FIRE CLAY IN MY KILN!!!! I get the how to load the kiln part. Every book I've read shows that step from every angle and then says...and fire in your kiln. AAAAHHHHH! That's the problem --- no one has step by step instructions on the firing part!!! Working with the clay is a no brainer --- but the firing!!!! eeeeks. I'm scared to just wing it! It's easy to use the kiln with glass, but clay is a totally different experience!

I have this book THAT I LOVE!!!! With things like this in it....I have the low fire clay, I have the tools, and I have my buttons to use as stamps all ready to go....I have the low fire glaze...And I have the little kiln...BUT HOW THE HECK DO I FIRE THESE BUTTONS IN MY ELECTRIC KILN?!!!!!! It's making me a bit nutso that I can't find the answer. If I weren't such a chicken about something blowing up in the kiln I would just go for it -- but alas I'm a chicken about something blowing up - namely ME! :O) So I went on line and I've decided that the only way I'm going to get the information I need is to take a class. I thought about taking a class at Harford Community College in their non-credit section. I've taken a lot of classes there in the past but they only seem to have non-credit classes on using the wheel which isn't really what I'm looking for right now. They do have a Ceramic Raku class that is just three classes (4/25 - 5/9) that I think would be fun and would make some pretty buttons. And then this summer I'm thinking about maybe signing up for one of the Baltimore Clayworks-adult classes. I really just want the info for firing, but I need to spice up my life a little right now - feeling a bit...restless, or maybe it's stress...whatever it is I need an adventure and taking a class in something new always fixes me right up!

Speaking of glass and kilns, if you have the opportunity to take a lampwork bead making class in your area TAKE IT! I had absolutely no experience with glass or torches and had the best day ever in that class! So so so fun! I highly recommend it. I really want a propane/oxygen torch but Mark didn't think he wanted to leave for work in the morning worrying that I would blow up the house while he was away. MARY! I DON"T WANT TO GET A CALL AT WORK THAT MY WIFE BLEW UP THE HOUSE WORKING WITH A PROPANE/OXYGEN TORCH IN THE KITCHEN!!!! My little hot head torch does the trick just fine, but you can't make beads as large as you can with the propane/oxygen torch. Plus, with the propane/oxygen torch you can work much faster and it's quiet (the hot head is NOISY!) - Mark! Killer of fun! :O) So the hot head torch is cheap, noisy, and is a little slow, but you still get great beads at the end! I really should get it out more.

Wow! Are you still with me after all this yammering?! Have a great day!