Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

Hi Friends. Friday was fun with my sister, as always. Yes, I've been reading some trashy novels, but I also just finished reading Persuasion by Jane Austen. Now I'm starting Sense and Sensibility. I love her books. I never get tired of reading them. I've also been doing a little crafting - these are some of the hearts I've been working on in needle punch...
I'm going to sew them onto other things (bigger hearts, sachets, brooches, etc).

Mark and I were out on Saturday and there in the store were these...
LOL! They had a huge stack of them and since I think they are so funny - I had to buy one for Molly. The really funny thing is that I heard Jason say to Molly last night "Molly, can I share the Snuggie with you?" Awwwwww, Jason wants a Snuggie! LOL I guess I'll have to go buy another one. They were right between the HD glasses and the ShamWow! LOL

And then there is Howard who is living on rice and chicken right now because, ah...someone ahhh, gave in to those big sad brown eyes and gave him a little bit of roast chicken and ...uummmm, gravy (oops) over his food and now he has an unfortunate intestinal disturbance. "Gosh Mark, I just can't even imagine what could have upset his stomach!" blink blink. :O)


Clevelandgirlie said...

Oh Crap! (no pun intended!!) Howard with an intestinal disorder - run for the hills. That's one big dog - with one BIG intestine. I know when little Toby or Gizmo get an upset doggy tummy - it ain't purty.

Anyway - LOVE your little punchneedle hearts. I've got a punch needle - guess I gotta get it out and dust it off - these are sew cute.

Hey Mary, I'm putting your link with a thumbnail and snippet on my blog - is that ok? I'd like to share it with my visitors. It's a great blog!

Clevelandgirlie said...

P.S. Toby and Gizmo have left howard a message over on Clevelandgirlie.