Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We are having issues with the big idiot dog! The weather is just a little less cold so he wants to be outside more -- and he has rediscovered our container garden on the lower deck. It's currently just a bunch of pots full of dirt. Well, Howard keeps dumping the dirt on the deck and then running like a nut around the yard with the pot - and then he eats the pot! rrrrrr. And if you go out to get the pot back he just goes completely insane because he thinks you are enjoying the game too! I think Mark may kill him. This would be the last anyone would see of pot number six...

I get so angry with him and then he comes in and gives me this...

And I just can't stay mad. The dog has no control over his tongue.

And my house is trashed! TRASHED! The kids went back to school today and in their wake they have left a disaster! It's so bad that I just keep spinning in place trying to decide what mess to tackle first. I really need to get moving because I have to take Jason and Molly to the dentist this afternoon and I need to have at least one floor finished before I leave. I'm hoping to be very productive so that I can have some fun this afternoon.

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Blaise and Cathie Recca - Carolina Pines Realty, LLC said...

Was out of commission yesterday - we are sick AGAIN. But I had to get my daily dose of Howard and just saw the e-mail you sent lol lol lol lol lol sniff, sniff, achoo, lol lol lol achoo, sniff, lol. That nose, those lips, those eyes and um, that delicious tongue. I can't help it - I want to kiss those fuzzy spotted lips! Poor Howard needs exercise. Why don't you saddle him up and take him out on the range???
PS I can just hear Mark now, "Gosh !@#*!@&$ it Howard, you !@$*@#$*!@#$, get your !@#!@#$*!@#* off the porch and put down that !@#($!@#*!@#$ pot.