Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't You Just Love When....

You are standing in the kitchen happily chopping carrots and potatoes, and chicken is cooking on the stove and here they come in like 5 minute intervals...

M: what's for dinner?

Chickkkkennnn Pot Pie! :O)

M: mmm, yum.

J: what's for dinner? snif, snif, cough, cough, sneeze

Chickennnnn Pot Piiiiii! :O)

J: hhhh, okay but that's not what I want. snif, snif, cough

good to know - go away.

R: what's for dinner?

Chicken Pot Pie! :O)

R: iiiiiii. can't we have something else?

No. :Ol

K: what's for dinner?

hhhhh, chicken pot pie. :O/

K: oooooooh! let me guess and I have to eat it?

ahh, yeah. That's the plan - you will have to eat it.

Mark: what's for dinner?

Oh For God's Sake! Chicken Pot Pie and no I can't make anything else and yes you will have to eat it.

Mark: oooookay. I like chicken pot pie.

hhh. You start out all about making dinner and in 25 minutes they've reduced you to this frowning cranky person who wants to order carryout!

And here is something totally random...If I had any land I would have a donkey. And his name would be Frank. I love donkeys. Mark says I have one and his name is Howard.

Yesterday Jason came staggering down the steps looking for the snuggie and Howard! LOL Poor kid - he is not a happy camper at the moment. He needed a little Howard therapy and Howard was more than happy to share the snuggie and the sofa for the rest of the night. Oh, I hope this doesn't go through the house.


Sheila Ann said...

Your blog is hilarious, so funny and I really enjoy reading it. Especially love the Howard adventures! I have a Maltese, so, I can't imagine having a dog that size....but wouldn't mind finding out! I've wanted a monkey forever (no chimps)and wouldn't ever get one. but it's fun living in my own head. Thanks for all the laughs and your artwork quilts are darling. Sheila Ann from

misschris said...

Oh Mary, you always make me giggle. Howard is a bit of a donkey. Plus, you couldn't cuddle up with a donkey on your couch, so I guess Howard's better.

But can you imagine Frank and Howard playing in the yard with your pots?? LOL!!!

UK lass in US said...

My husband whinges more about the dinner than the kids do. I don't understand why, if he married me knowing how I cook (I like my food bland), he still feels the need to complain all the time about it...

It would help if there was a single meal that all of them enjoyed.

joolzmac said...

Hello Mary

My kids always do that. Every now and again, I deliberately cook something that they do not like (Apricot Chicken & Veg). When they start complaining - I point them in the direction of the toaster and cereal packets - help yourself!! Shuts them up. They are getting better as they get older (18 & 15).

Just a newcomer to your blog so will call back for a better read later.

Cheers - Joolz

Melanie said...

my mum would always answer " Bees Knees and Dolls Eyebrows" which is her way of saying dont ask and get out of the kitchen which I have also adopted.
They still try to ask sometimes:)

Levin (and Emily) said...

my son came in for dinner yesterday and declared forcefully ..... "I hate this's disgusting" to which i replied, "fine, don't eat it" to which he replied despondently "I'm not gonna get dessert unless I eat it am I?"
Oh the sadness on his face. He ate it though and dessert.
I suggested that perhaps he should start cooking from now on......

lesley said...

Hi Mary. 'OOOOOO, I would love your chicken pot pie. In fact I would love and appreciate anything prepared and cooked by anyone other than myself. Hope everyone gets over the flu quickly. And
I've just seen the pic' of Howard that has made my heart melt. It has to be worth a bit of dirt on the decking. He is just soooooo handsome and cute!!!
hugs xx