Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Worry...

Today I'm making worry dolls...This one is Kellie's. I still need to add some beads in the hair for her.
And this is still going on...
I turn my back on him for 2 seconds! He is determined to make me crazy. In one week - 11 pots GONE! 11 pots worth of dirt dumped on the DECK! 11 times sweeping the deck while he jumps around me slamming into me like isn't this fun??!!!! Yeah, this is the culprit - the one under the snuggie! Kellie is convinced that when Howard is sleeping he should be covered!
Molly and I measured him yesterday. He's 44 1/2 inches tall at the head, 35 inches at the shoulder, and 156 pounds. He's growing up so fast! :O) He'll be two on May 14Th. OH! And I came home yesterday and there was Howard ON MY LIVING ROOM SOFA!!!! and to add insult to injury he was sleeping with MY PRETTY NEW BLANKET!!!! Rules people - we have rules! And where was Mark while this was going on --- sitting in the man chair in the same room! MARK! why is Howard on the sofa?! Oh, I didn't see him get up there. You didn't see a 156 pound almost 4 foot tall dog climb up on the new living room sofa? huh. Well, I can't make dinner because I can't see the stove. - and I also don't see any dirty laundry! :O)


Clevelandgirlie said...

Okay Mary - I have to share with you one of my husband's sayings he uses with the kids -

"once shame on you, twice shame on me."

Now, ELEVEN pots, Mary, Mary, Mary - have we not learned our lesson after say -- Five or Six pots??? Hmmmm?

Once shame on Howard - ELEVEN - shame, shame, shame, shame, shame (eleven times....) on YOU!!!

lol lol lol

Kris said...

Worry dolls? I worry perfectly on my own. Don't need a doll to do it for me. I may have missed the point! Lol! Don't know what a worry doll is!