Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Sewing And A Little Aquarium Update

For Christmas 2007 I made Mark and each of the kids a two sided fleece blanket. I figured after Christmas I would make one for myself. Well, today (a year later) I finally got around to it... So this is my fleece blanket that comes with rules! It is only allowed in the living room and is not NOT to be shared with Howard! Every blanket I have made has been shared with Howard! For some reason Kellie and Ryan think that Howard needs to be covered with fleece when he comes in from outside! "He's cold Mom!" Yeah, well I'm not sharing my pretty new blanket with him!

And this is one of our new fish...
He's very strange. He comes right up to the front of the tank and I swear he is watching us! He will look at you head on...It's kind of freaky. And these little blue fish (we have 4 of them) are so cute and they are really really pretty. They reflect the light like you would not believe...

Sorry about the light reflection, it was that time of morning when the sun shines into the room. I wanted to show you how large the elephant ear gets. It's huge! Like 14 inches across. At night it closes up to this tiny little blob about 2 inches across by about 2 inches high. Crazy.

And the star fish was out and on the front of the tank so I thought I would take a photo to show you.
I hope you have a nice weekend. I'm so excited! This package arrived today....
It's my order of fabric dye! Mark has to work Saturday so I'm going to dye fabric! I have cotton and velvet to dye! OOOOOO! I can't wait to get started!

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Levin (and Emily) said...

your blanket looks so pretty.
my cat thinks that everything i make looks better with her fur all over it. the other day i found her sleeping in my sewing machine bag! acutally, the other morning, after a particularly warm night, i found her sleeping curled up in the bathroom sink??? go figure!
happy dyeing!