Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Of Those Days

It was definitely one of those days. Didn't really sleep last night because my arm is killing me (still). Two hour delay for school because of the ice. Ryan missed the bus because he was arguing with me about why he had to take a lunch to school today instead of buying. Because my car hadn't moved in two days it was covered in snow and ice and was frozen shut. So with my bad arm I had to yank open the car door and scrape the snow and ice off the windows. Then while I was walking around to the other side I fell flat on my back on the ice because me feet went flying out from under me. I hit so hard I think I bounced! I am bruised from my shoulders to my knees! I know my headache has to be from the jarring! Then I got stuck in school traffic at Ryan's school and almost missed Kellie's bus. So after Kellie left and I was alone I came inside and emailed Mark about my misfortune and how I needed sympathy then grabbed some coffee and cookies, found a trashy novel, and spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself on the sofa. Damn ice! I ache all over now! And Mark's response...You are going to be really sore tomorrow are you sure you'll be able to go to lunch with Ann? OH I'M GOING! (I'm meeting my sister at 12:30 for lunch tomorrow) Tomorrow has to be a better day, right?


maggik1 said...

Oh, Mary! Poor you! I'm waiting for snow to arrive here (fingers crossed that it won't!)but you seem to have so much of it -and ice. Do rest up and look after yourself - do you have bruises? I hate the winter weather and have stocked up for a siege because I won't drive in it unless i really have to. I haven't blogged for a while and am only just catching up with my favourites. I do hope that you are feeling a lot better now. Take care - stay indoors and spoil yourself!

misschris said...

You poor thing! I hate mornings like that, where everything happens at once. It's a good thing you have something fun to look forward to!

Trashy novels and cookies. You're so my kind of gal. ;)