Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctor With A Death Wish

First, How 'bout dem Ravens! Woo Hoo! Was that an intense game or what?! okay, so moving on...

Molly is a great kid! She's funny, she's smart, she's sweet, she's GREAT! And as you know I had to take her to her Rhuemetologist on Friday...

We were waiting for the doctor to come into the room and Molly was cold and a little nervous so her hands were pretty much maroon colored with dark dark plum colored knuckles and fingertips. Doctor comes in...Wow! Hi Molly. I see you still have severe symptoms, but do you have any new ones? Lets recheck your blood work to see if there are any changes. blah, blah, blah. Then she says..."Do you want me to prescribe something?" I said Like what? What would the medication do? I thought there wasn't anything we can do about this other than keep her warm and relaxed. She usually isn't in any pain so I would rather not put her on any drugs.Doctor: "Well, I could put her on a blood pressure medication that might help but I can't promise anything." Me: Well I don't agree with taking medication - like blood pressure medication - for cosmetic reasons. AND SHE SAYS "Well she'll never get a boyfriend with hands and feet like that." I hear Molly's intake of breath and I'm like - wwwwwwwwhat? What did you just say, you complete wackjob, to my 15 year old daughter who is extremely self conscious of her condition as it is?

Oh friends! It was not a good christian moment for me! :O) I started thinking of all the nasty things I would like to say to her. My eye started twitching which should have been a clear sign to her that she needed to run screaming from the room because I was about to come at her like something straight out of hell. And poor Molly - she was looking at her like what the !?! I honestly didn't even know how to respond. I didn't want to upset Molly more or embarrass her but OMG! The rage I felt at that moment was completely all consuming. I swear the look on my face should have been enough to make her realize she had made a rather large blunder and then when I started speaking through clenched teeth with the twitching eyeball you would think that would have been a clear indication...but sadly no. Clearly she was just too stupid to realize that I was on the verge of a total flip out. If it hadn't been for Molly sitting there I swear I don't know what I would have done but it would have been loud, very loud. I'm almost positive that furniture would have been involved, and possibly a certain doctor would have been helped out of a third story window. But alas, since Molly was sitting there we will never know. :O) What a stupid thing to say to a teenage girl! Not only did she feed right into Molly's self confidence issues, but YES! Lets promote drugs to teen girls for cosmetic reasons so the boys will like them! BRILLIANT. How about some diet pills Molly, or maybe something to make you happy, sad, sleepy, awake? We could make you absolutely perfect with the right drug mix! Hell, a little crack might not cure your condition but you'll be so strung out that you wont care! YES!
By the time we left there I was feeling like this...


misschris said...

Oh my heck.

I would have had the hardest time keeping my trap shut.

I just can't imagine what kind of doctor would say that. Or anyone for that matter. Poor Molly. I want to give that doc a piece of my mind. Like, now.

Levin (and Emily) said...

hey with a smile like that who's going to be looking at her hands???
i'm with you about the drugs - if you don't need them, don't take them. your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous and when the time is right some gorgeous guy is going to fall for her big time!
the doctor may be intelligent but she's (?) definately a moron!!!

lesley said...

How insensitive, horrible and unprofessional. Your daughters is beautiful and will be fighting the boyfriends off! Keep smiling, stay happy and ignore that rude and thoughtless doctor! xx

Jackie said...

Actually I'm feeling 'like that' too. I think you should have asked Molly to leave the room then given the doc some of your medicine.
Unbelievable! 1. That she should have made her feel abnormal
2. That the whole boyfriend issue should have come into it as if thats the only purpose girls have.
Here, give her this slap from me. And a hug for Molly.