Tuesday, January 20, 2009


rrrrrrr, I have a 10 am (desperately needed) hair appointment today. We have a two hour delay for school this morning. Sooooo, hair appointment at 10:00 - Kellie leaves on bus at 10:30!!!!! Can I just tell you I want to cry. CRY! It takes weeks to get a hair appointment! WEEKS! I guess I'll be sporting a hat on my head for a few weeks. Ohhhhhh, that darn snow! It's pretty to be sure but ... OH MY HAIR!!!!! I wanted Mark to stay home to put Kellie on the bus but ah, he said no. :O)


misschris said...

OH that seriously bites. I hate having to reschedule hair appts -- esp when the 'situation' is dire.

LIke mine is, right now. Darn roots.

Levin (and Emily) said...

okay that's pretty sad, but seriously, that snow is gorgeous. we are only half way through summer and i'm already sick of the heat. my kids would love to see snow - according to julian, he would love to see it more than anything in the world!
sorry about your hair - i'm sure you still look gorgeous though - but hair appts are like holidays - you just can't have them cancelled because you NEED them!