Monday, June 30, 2008

Much Better Day

Today is starting out great! Kellie was up really early so I decided to show her how to embroider a drawing she had made.

She is a natural in the stitching department. Very confident. I had tried to teach Molly how to sew a few when she was around 8 or 9 but she was too timid. She would barely grasp the needle so she couldn't take a stitch. EXTREMELY frustrating. Kellie is a entirely different story. Such a breeze to teach! I think I will teach her how to knit, spin, and quilt now that I see how easy she is to teach!!! Could actually be a fun summer of crafting! Of course there is the fact that I've been spending all morning teaching her this and not working on school work ... but right now she's my priority and she's a great excuse not to work on CR

Friday, June 27, 2008

Not so happy

Not so happy right now. Had to put Norman down yesterday. That is never an easy thing to do. Even when you know it's the best thing to do. Did talk to lousy friends of Ryan and that made me feel better. Kept my cool but explained to them that their nasty behavior wouldn't be tolerated. Next time it will be a call to their moms. Anyway, I'll see you Monday. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Golf Camp and A Wish...

Kellie and Ryan started Golf Camp this week. They both love it!

Ryan thinks he's a little too cool, but he's at "that age" ya know?

I had to get Kellie a visor because the hat wouldn't fit over the pig tails that she likes to sport! It's a good thing they had a pink one. The rest were all black! eeek.

I took these photos with my Iphone -- I'm surprised they turned out at all! Tomorrow they have to bring all their clubs so that they can work their way thru the entire set.

And then there is the kid that I want to hunt down like a dog and beat to a pulp!!! Ryan plays with two boys. And you know how that is -- odd man out happens A LOT. So one of the boys was on vacation for 2 weeks. The other boy and Ryan were inseparable. He invited Ryan to go to an Orioles game. Second boy came home over the weekend and guess what...Ryan came home in tears because his "friend" uninvited him and invited second friend instead. Jerk! Can I just tell you that I want to go to his house and put the fear of GOD in him! I want to scream at him! I want to beat the S*** out of him. Ohhh, that would feel so good! This is the second time that something like this has happened. I'm pretty much spitting mad. Of course Ryan always forgives and forgets (which I guess is good in a way) -- but me -- NO! I want to inflict pain. Massive MASSIVE amounts of pain. Yeah, that would feel good right now. I think I'll make a voodoo doll! :O) The little brat. See if I give him home made cookies again! I'll offer them and then I'll say "PSYCH - these are for some other kid instead! HA!" :O) Clearly I need a little yoga in my life!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gardening is not my thing...

I planted some flowers the other day and look at these two barrels.

They are right next to each other. I don't know what's wrong with the second one. I'm wondering if Howard was messing with it.

It looks like something sat in it. That's pretty much the kind of thing he does. And this is a really pretty rose that was blooming about two weeks ago. Now look at it.

What is going on?!!! I've been watering them so it can't be lack of water. It's making me a little annoyed. I have a black thumb, but this rose was planted last year -- it made it through the winter and now all of a sudden it's going ca put! rrrr.

I spoke to Molly while she was on the bus Monday morning and she was miserable. Sounded close to tears. She said she was really tired and that the bus was really noisy and that the dads and boys on the bus only wanted to watch sports and that the teacher was all about that! and she misses home already. You know how when you are completely sleep deprived and your emotions go on overload? Well, I think that is where she is. She's gone away for weekends, but never this far from home and never for this long. I hope I don't get a "COME AND GET ME" call. We'll see. She called again at 1:30pm to say that she got a little nap and was feeling a little better. Called again at 8:30pm and said that she had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and was having a GREAAAAT time! I could hear all of her goof ball friends in the background and my fears of a COME AND GET ME call are gone! Unless of course it's a call from the adults on the trip who can't take anymore of her singing and laughing - that I would totally understand! :O)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Times!

First, I read about Sponge Balls! on Betz blog. I thought...What a great idea for Ryan and his friend! So off to Target...6 sponge balls day...we're good! I'm thinking it will be like this...

Ryan and his friend on a hot sunny day two buckets with three sponge balls each for a fun battle (like a snowball battle but with water) FUN FUN FUN.

reality was like this...

SMAAACK! as the sponge balls hit my neighbors house with a watery smack! two seconds later SMAAACK! as the sponge ball hits neighbors house AGAIN! RYAAAAAAN!!!!! Get away from their house while you play.

few minutes later...I realize that water is running, running, running. Outside. They are standing in the buckets squirting each other with the hose. RYAAAAAAN!!! Get out of the bucket! I don't want the water running like that. Fill the buckets and play with the sponges.

few minutes later...they are dumping buckets of water over each others heads and then they want to know if they can come in and play Wii. Hmmm, water is running off their clothes -- dripping from the end of Ryan's nose and the hem of his shorts. Well. Let's see. How about if your friend goes home and changes and then you can come in my house. They had a great time! but boy could I have been any further from fact with my version of this game and the reality?! :O)

Second...Molly left for her trip to Canada last night (well actually this morning).
We had to be at the school by 11:35pm and the bus would leave at 11:55pm for the 12 hour drive. They would be arriving in Montreal at 11:30am today. 12:30am still no bus. Parents and 55 students and chaperones standing in a school parking lot waiting, waiting, waiting. Teacher on phone with bus company trying to find out where the heck the bus is. 1:35am Teacher says bus driver never left to come pick our group up so we should all go home until 3:30am when a new bus would be arriving. 4:10am new bus finally arrives at school. The kids are exhausted, the parent chaperone's are exhausted, parents not going are feeling uneasy about our childs safety and this entire trip at this point, and the teacher is completely frazzled. Gee, I feel so confident sending my daughter on this bus trip! She called at 7:30am to say they had changed buses in New Jersey (because the drivers can't drive more than 8 hours) and that the change over went well. So here I sit nervously waiting for her to call in when they get to Canada - but at this point they have missed the first day's activity and they wont be arriving until about 4:30 - 5:00 pm. This will be the longest week of my life!!!! The teacher organizing this has been doing this trip for 8 years -- isn't just the way that this would be the year that the bus company screws up?! hhhh. It's so hard to let them take a trip like this. The parent-chaperon/student ratio is great though 1-2 so I'm confident about that aspect but aaaaaaa, my nerves are shot! And poor Mark - he is worse than I am. I don't think he slept an hour last night and he was home all night! The only thing that kept me from taking her off that bus was that she will be with her friend and her friend's mother along with two other friends and another mom--and the fact that this trip is an award for students who excelled in foreign language class!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Summer Reading

I decided that this summer I'm going to read some old classics. So yesterday Molly and I went to Barnes and Noble and I bought these...

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ohh, that's not good...

Kellie wanted to know why some of the hermit crabs in the tank are wearing snail shells? I have no idea. Well, Mark was reading one of his aquarium books and it said...

Often times hermit crabs will attack, kill, and take the shells of snails. I thought the snail population seemed smaller. eeck.
Hmmm, I think I'll keep that bit of news from Kellie - what do ya think? :O)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Too Much Nature!

Last night when Mark and I were coming home from the store I opened the front door. It was dark so I didn't see the bird sitting in my door wreath. Well, into the house flew a Sparrow.

Straight up the steps and into Jason's room. It took FOREVER to get the stupid thing out of the house and guess what Jason found on the floor after our uninvited guest left --- this big blob! Jason...WHAT IS THAT?!!! Well, he made the mistake of touching it to see and it was a soft squishy egg that immediately turned to mush! Lovely.

I made this little bag. It's from this book.

I love this yarn!

This cupcake is from that book too...

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, I finally killed my Dyson!
I can't remember how long I have had it but it finally died the other day. Never loses suction -- wrong. I think they meant if you don't abuse it. I abused mine.

So last night I set off to get a new one...
ooooo. When I turned this thing on it nearly flew out of my hand! Talk about suction! Sheesh. Now I realize just how long my other one had not been working properly. Unfortunately I now have no excuse not to clean my entire house today! ack. But I plan to be a slug this weekend. See ya Monday!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirty, Rotten Kids!

After the kids left for school I went into the powder room and look at this towel....

I'm thinking it was probably Ryan. Can you see the dirt on it? This would be from his hands AFTER he washed them. iiiiiiiiick. And it was only 8:25am. And he had already taken a shower this morning. No, I don't want to know how he could be this dirty.

I wish they would make a self-cleaning refrigerator! I would love one because look at this mess...

Ahhh, but look at it now.

Good, productive morning! Ahh, now I can have some guilt free play time!

Tuesday night was one of our crazy nights. Mark is not NOT doing well with the whole teenage daughter thing. She tried on her new bikini. Yeah, you can imagine how that went over.

"Children shouldn't have to have their eyes covered when our daughter walks by!!!"

when told that it is just a bikini, all the girls wear them...

"So that makes it okay? That doesn't mean that our daughter should be out in public with NOTHING on!"

when Molly tried on her new dress ...

"Must she be hanging out all over?!" (she's maybe, MAYBE an A cup! and since she's only 5 feet tall, the dress is much longer on her than it is on this model)

And new heels ...

"And don't you think those heels are a little too high?!"

Then Jason made the mistake of telling Mark how funny it was that when we were leaving the mall Tuesday it was pouring! Crazy sideways rain with thunder and lightning. As we were running blindly with our shopping bags to the car Jason's pants were falling down and he ran right out of his flip flops! It was really funny. Hilarious in fact! We (Jason, Molly, Ryan, and I)were all soaked by the time we got in the car and our shopping bags were falling apart. Just the mention of it had us all laughing again. Mark didn't see the funny in the story. He thought Jason should be wearing appropriate shoes and shorts with a belt that fit properly. That I should have heeded his warning about the coming storm when he called me and that I should have had an umbrella with me. hhhhh. I don't know how Mark is going to survive us! :o)

Yesterday Ryan graduated from Fifth Grade!

He hated wearing that tie! He always dresses like he is off to a basketball game so having to put on a shirt with buttons, dress pants, dress shoes and a tie damn near killed him!

And what is it about men and their TV's? We had to get a new TV for the family room yesterday and Mark was so excited he couldn't see straight. He even sang "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" as he set it down on the TV stand. Goof!

And, I'm really being bad this week...I didn't go to school Tuesday night because I was busy buying slutty clothes for Molly and being very irresponsible by running like a nut through the rain with my kids to be bothered with school. And now tonight...I don't feel like going again because it's the last day of school for my kids and I want to stay home and go to the Dairy for ice cream after dinner! Oh, poor Mark...I'm becoming a delinquent!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Organized!

My computer was down all day yesterday. AAAK! I felt like I was lost in space. But, luckily my brilliant husband did a few taps on some keys and wallah we're in business again!
I love to reorganize my sewing area. Target had the shoe box size Rubbermaid boxes on sale so I bought 36 more. Yeah, 36. Making a total of 80 shoe boxes of fabric rainbow goodness. :O)
I'm reorganizing my fabric stash by color and I like the little boxes because I can sort by color, shade, print/solid, etc. (still have to do that -- just got them sorted by general color so far.)
These little boxes are how I sort my seed beads.

I store my larger beads and my extra small seed beads (14's and 15's) by color in these cabinets
I sort my buttons by color in these drawers and this is also how I store my special threads, trims, etc.

I'm a long, long way from finished. In fact I've only just started with the reorganization. I still have to do yarn, wool roving, and wool felt. Plus my glass stuff needs to be straightened out, too. I got a little lazy with putting things away so now I have a huge mess to go through. I think it's fun though.
Yesterday I made two cushions for this rocker.
It was my Great Grandmother's. I love that. I forgot to take a photo of the before, but the cushion was really ugly gold, brown, and this strange orange-ish color that had been on my mothers patio for way too many years. I still need to paint the wicker, but it's not to the desperate point yet so it will remain low on the list.
And I got some exciting packages...
My new machine and software...

Not so exciting, but its NEW! Yeah. I can feel my speed picking up just looking at it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh It's Hot!

Uggg, we have hit Maryland summer heat time. Goodbye beautiful spring. Hello Maryland humidity. I took a walk yesterday and I looked like I hadn't had a bath in a month. My face was blood red, my hair...oh my hair. I have natural curl in my hair so when I'm outside in the summer I get this frizz crazy curl every which way thing going on on top of my head that could be a circus attraction! Even Mark just says "WOW! Now that's got it all goin' on!" :O)

So, it's like 92 degrees and the air is so thick that it's like trying to breathe pure MD sludge. The elementary school's air conditioning is broken yet again. We received a letter from the school a week ago saying that it had broken and that it wouldn't be fixed until sometime next year. hmmmm -- And we have school until June 12th. So, big shocker that the kids and teachers are near death in the school. And so much for security...they have all the windows and doors open! Oh, but lets not forget the office staff. They had window units installed so they are cool as cucumbers! rrrrrr. So anyhoo, last night the school called and said they are closing today at 12:30. My last full day of alone time and quite has now been shot to hell! Next week is finals for Molly and Jason so they will be going in late every day. You have no idea (well, you probably do) how crazy it gets in my house in the summer time. It's constant friends in out - in out, endless eating and mess in the kitchen, drinks drinks drinks. If they all have a friend over (sometimes Ryan has more than one over) it's at least 8 kids eating, drinking, talking. AAAAAAAAAAAAA! I like my quiet time. Then there's the pool where they want to take friends all the time. $50 for first 10 guest passes and then $8 per guest after that. That really adds up. Plus the ice cream and the get the idea. I'm broke and I have permanent lounge chair lines on my butt! Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of fun too, and I love the relaxed days of no school, no rushing, etc. but the NOISE! the cost, and the constant parade of friends. hhhh. that I don't love.

We had a little art show at school a few days ago...

And I do love times like this...

I'm still working on my moms frame. These are the flower petals -- look how many I finished the other night!...

oh, but look how many yet to go, eek. I was planning to work on this today to enjoy the last day of absolute quiet, but oh well. I'll still work on it, but before school Ryan had already asked if his friends can come over. Which means I'll have to call around and find a friend for Kellie. And so it begins.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Hope I Survive These Years...

This was my conversation with Molly...

Hey Mom! Guess what my friend A told me...friend B and C are doing drugs and drinking!

How does friend A know?

Friend A went over friend B's house with friend C and they pulled the stuff out and asked friend A if she wanted some. They were also drinking.

Wow, that's really sad. Isn't friend B the girl who went to the pool and movies with us a few times last summer?


And isn't friend C the girl you were just talking to on the computer the other night?


(okay, now is when I'm trying not to say that she will never be allowed to see or speak to these girls again. I'm starting to freak a little inside at this point.)

And guess what else! They went to the mall last weekend and shop lifted all this stuff! They took jewelry from Aeropostal and stuff from Macy's and stuff from Bath and Body and everything! But, you know what...Friend B is always home alone. Her parents are always working. So she just has her friends come over and they do all this stuff.

(okay, now I'm really freaking inside and my maternal instincts are going into over drive. I'm trying not to go off. Calm, stay calm.)

I feel really sorry for them. Drugs and alcohol may make them feel important and cool, especially if they are showing it to their friends and trying to get them involved with it too. They want their friends to do it too because it will make them feel better about doing it. If there is a group involved it can make anything seem cool! You know Molly I've always said to you that there is guilt by association. This is an example of how these two girls can ruin your reputation and your future. I went on to explain all the ways it could affect her being friends with these girls. Molly, I'm telling you right now you should cut your ties with these girls! It's not worth it. You have a lot of other friends who are good kids with bright futures. Don't let these two girls ruin your dreams. Drug use and drinking ALWAYS lead to trouble in school and at home. Don't put yourself in a position where you are taken down with them. You don't ever have to try any of it for it to screw things up for you both socially and academically. You are a straight A, honors student. You can do anything, be anything that you want. Don't let two girls with problems ruin your future.

Yeah, I know Mom. I can't believe they are doing stuff like that! I really like them.

hhhhhhh, I was totally freaking out inside. I wanted to scream YOU"RE NEVER TO TALK TO THOSE GIRLS AGAIN! EVER! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!! That's what I wanted to say. But, you know how it is -- If I yell and try to control the situation she could take that as a challenge or see it as I don't trust her. Plus if I don't maintain the calm when she tells me these things she'll stop telling me. I like that she tells me this stuff, but wow is it hard not to freak! Especially with summer here in just a few days. She will want to go to the movies and malls and the pool and to friends houses. They even go out to eat in a group. I can't hold her hand through all that. She is really really social. She is always on the go, and with the job she has spending money. I am constantly hearing from parents, students, etc that it's the kids from the nice middle class families that get into the drugs and alcohol because they are the ones with the money! But honestly, I think sometimes it's just that parents are too busy. Molly had an entire session in school that focused on how families needed to spend more time together. Molly did a speech on the importance of eating together. How did society get to the point where we need to be convinced to eat meals and spend time with our children each day?

Sheesh, when they were really little I was physically exhausted now I'm emotionally exhausted! Sorry this is a LOOOOONG and boring post, if you're still with me at this point :O) - but she really had me freaked!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So You Don't Lose Your Coolness...

So that we all stay wicked cool (:O)) I thought I would give you a little high school slang update courtesy of Miss Molly...

If you should be out and you want a lot of something you do not say "please give me extra pickles with that." You say "Please give me mad pickles." or "May I have mad ice in this drink?"

If you witness something amazing you do not say "WOWZIE WOW WOW!" (okay that would be frightening all on it's own and would surely mean that even I in my infinite wisdom and coolness could not save you!)

Anyway, you do not say "That film was amazing!" you say "That film was beast!" or "My ever expanding backside looks beast in these shorts!"

So, my beast friend I'm off to do mad practicing for school. I hope you have a beast day, too!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Plantin'? Na...But a little Show N Tell!

This weekend I bought these for the back yard...

To go in these planters and barrels...

But, I don't feel like doing it. Kellie and Ryan have an early dismissal today and Kellie has a birthday party to go to at 2pm. I just don't want to get all dirty! I think it will just have to wait a few more days.

I pulled this quilt out this weekend... (sorry about the photo, I'm only 5'2" so this is as good as it gets!)

This is my Y2K quilt. Did you do this? It was over the Internet in 1999. Holy Cow! It will be 10 years next year and I haven't quilted it yet!!! Okay, I did not need to realize that today. Pressure, pressure, pressure! Anyhoo, it worked like this...You signed up with your name and State/Country. Then you made fabric packs with 25 2.5 inch squares and one signature square. Then you swapped with people all over the country/world until you had one pack from every state and as many countries as you could (50 states 30 countries). Then you assembled your quilt with 80 blocks made up of 25 squares in each totally 2000 squares in the quilt. Here are just a few of my favorites...

I made mine by using 24 of the squares sent by the person and their signature block in the center. I was really lucky, I swapped with all 50 states and had more countries than I could fit on the front of the quilt so I saved some for the back. I also used my pack of 25 squares that I had sent out for my signature block on the back of the quilt. I added the navy blue 1/2 inch strips to divide up the blocks so that you could see just who had sent what. I'm going to bind it with the same navy blue. I measures 85 inches by 105 inches. Anyway, I thought you might like to see it. It was really fun and it took almost a year to do all the swapping. I'm really glad I did it though. I think it's really cool. Have a great day.