Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Little Known Fact...

christmas 1966
So since I can't craft a damn thing right now because I only get about 10 minutes to myself a day I thought that I would give you a little information about me.... Did you know that I have a theme song? I do. This is my theme song!

Yes friends, back in the day when I was about 16 - 17 I was convinced that going to Beauty School and then heading to New York to be amazing was definitely the thing. I did finish High School first and I lasted maybe 3 months in beauty school! Three Entire Months! What cinched it that it was not the job for me...I could not master the shampoo bowl! LOL I swear that thing had it in for me from the get go! I think I nearly drowned my new beauty school friends about 5 times before I finally got the epiphany that perhaps I should go to college for a Business Administration degree instead. So I packed up my practice head, curlers, and scissors and headed for college. Where I met my dear dear dear husband who has given me a glimpse of retirement life these past 6 weeks. Lets just say that when he retires...I think I'll get a job! LOL

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randi---i have to say said...

I have thought the same thing about when my hubs retires--I will have to work! I love him so, but he would drive me nuts if he was here all day!