Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is Nothing Sacred?

Today I had my hair done. (and when I said "Kristen I really like this copper color in my hair but for winter I want to step it up a notch with the highlights you put in okay? - She apparently stepped it up a few notches. -- Mark said all I need are some big hoop earrings and some gum to snap and I'll be perfect! hmmm) Anyhoo, Mark dropped off Jason and Ryan after school because they had appointments that overlapped mine. They didn't like coming to the salon that I go to at first, but after I explained that my gal is great and she will do exactly what they want and she's young so she knows what's hot! That got them. Ryan decided that he likes this other woman so we all use Kristen and Ryan uses Deana. Jason doesn't really speak while having his hair cut - he's very shy (especially when the teenage shampoo girl is around). Only minimum speaking. I look over and Ryan is talking talking talking talking to Deana. So when he's finished I asked him what he and Deana were talking about...Oh! I was telling her all about how I ate a big lunch but then I had stomach cramps during Math and how I had to go to the restroom and all about...STOP RIGHT THERE! You were telling her all that?! "Yeah? What?" Oh that boy. He's too funny. Poor Deana. I said what was she saying to all of this information?! He said "she was just saying stuff like yeah, I hate when that happens. Why are you laughing?"

And back to my hair....It's a little orange I'm thinking. Molly said she likes the color but looking at it in the mirror...
And watching Santa Claus movies I'm thinking I could be this guys long lost momma!


Kris said...

That guy wishes he had a Momma as good looking as you! I think it looks great!

On the subject of Ryan, at least he was just talking about his day. I have some children who think poo jokes are funny and tell them in public!!!

misschris said...

I think it looks great -- perfect extra sparkle for this dull dreary weather. Not Chris Kingle's mom at all. But you do crack me up.

My 12 year old doesn't ever know when to stop either... it's like she is thrilled when a grownup is listening, so she goes into terrible detail about everything... usually silly word for word replays of phone conversations though... she leaves the potty stories alone. BOYS!

(my word verification is 'dinglint' which I think sounds like a funny new word I might have to say.)

Jackie said...

wow! YOU look great! I'm sorry I've not been visiting lately..busy busy..but maybe not as busy as you...

Kayla coo said...

Hi Mary, Great to see your picture.
I got brave and put a picture of me on my blog.
Love your hair.x